Samsung Stratosphere Vs Droid Bionic: Verizon alternative, Galaxy S II theories

By Alan Ng - Aug 11, 2011

If we are to believe the latest rumors, Verizon consumers just have one month to wait until the fabled Motorola Droid Bionic finally arrives on Big Red. However, another elusive device, accidentally confirmed by Verizon is also lurking in the shadows and it may prove to be the perfect alternative to the Bionic.

This may have been the first you’ve heard on the Samsung Stratosphere, but we can tell you that it is probably going to be Verizon’s next 4G LTE handset to launch after the Droid Bionic. Verizon accidentally posted an official support page for the unannounced Stratosphere recently as discovered by Droid-Life, before quickly removing all existance of it after realizing the error that they had made.

However, there are a few whispers spreading now, that the Stratosphere is actually the Samsung Galaxy S II in disguise on Verizon. There hasn’t been official confirmation of this, but it would seem perfect sense to us, since Samsung opted to name the original Galaxy S device, the Fascinate on Verizon. If Samsung are following a similar pattern for the US rollout of the Galaxy S II, then it’s very likely that all four carriers will once again have unique names respective to the carrier and the Stratosphere could be the first name revealed for the Galaxy S II on Verizon.

Of course, we could be wrong here and the Stratosphere could turn out to be a completely different handset all together. It is not exactly bad news if it does happen to be the Galaxy S II, since it is an excellent phone in our opinion with specs definitely on par with the Droid Bionic. Could it also be a factor that Samsung are holding off from a release of the Galaxy S II on Verizon so they can equip it with a 4G LTE chip?

One things for sure, we have a very interesting few weeks ahead of us, what with the expected arrival of the iPhone 5 on Verizon too in September. If you have been keeping up to date with information on the Droid Bionic, tell us what you think of this mysterious Samsung alternative. Would you pick up the Verizon Galaxy S II instead of the Droid Bionic or not?

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  • Yvonne_g63

    Motorola gonna kill it with the release of droid 3 and droid bionic

  • Kevin

    Looking around this site I see that pretty much EVERY story is based upon either unbased assumptions (see article above), wild speculation (also see above), or news from other sites.

    Given all that I’ll just go ahead an make the pretty educated guess you don’t know what you’re talking about and the Stratosphere (if there is one) is an entirely different phone.  Since we’ve been seeing Samsung Galaxy S II accessories targeted at the Verizon Function on the open market for awhile now.

  • Kevin

    I thought it was all but certain that Verizon was using the name “Function” for the Samsung Galaxy S II?

  • I don’t think Motorola and Verizon “accidently” put up these pages.  I think they put them up and remove them so that they do leak and go viral just to get people interested in their products.  They know that it is just the people following the latest and greatest smartphones on the net that are going to have an active interest while the masses don’t have a clue and most wouldn’t care anyway.

    Face it, we currently don’t have a clue as to what the Stratosphere will and won’t be and weather or not the spreadsheet with release dates is authentic or not.  Interesting that we know everything about the Bionic and its supposedly releasing the same day as the Stratosphere which we know next to nothing nothing about.  September and October will be exciting for high end smartphone buyers.  I’m looking forward to it.