Nintendo 3DS: Retailer price war begins

By Gary Johnson - Aug 11, 2011

Some of Nintendo’s investors want the company to change its strategy and allow some of its big game titles to cross over to other platforms. Meanwhile the company has cut the price of its flagship hand held gaming console. So with the Nintendo 3DS a retailer price war is breaking out.

It’s only been around six months since the console was first released, which at the time we saw many retailers trying to undercut each other with various prices and deals. Now from tomorrow in the UK consumers can bag themselves a bargain if they want a 3DS.

As usual it’s the supermarkets leading the way with the cheapest advertized prices, with the lowest being Tesco at £115. Just a little bit more expensive are Morrison’s who are listing the device for £120 from tomorrow, and with all 3DS games priced at £25. Currently Sainsbury’s are set to offer the device for £139.99, while Asda has yet to show its hand but expect it to be competitive.

Online Amazon is currently listing the device for £155, and rather surprisingly is still charging £196.99 for the console. The cheapest place to currently purchase online for UK residents seems to be, who has it up for £134.97.

Over in the US GameStop has the 3DS in Flame Red for $169.99, which is the same price as for all three colors. Best Buy is charging consumers a massive $249.99 for the 3DS, while Walmart listing the device in all three colors for $169.96.

Nintendo will be looking to the price cut to give the sales of the device the boost it needs, and with the earlier confirmation of the release dates for Mario Kart and MarioLand3D, it could achieve its goal. In the coming few days we can expect other retailers to offer big discounts on the device, which is likely to see the amount of units being shipped jump dramatically.

Some of the prices for the console now are around fifty percent cheaper compared to when the device was first launched. Are these prices cheap enough for you to purchase the Nintendo 3DS?

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  • nope. i’ll still take my non-gimmick psp-3000 for only $129:)   pop-out 3-D sucks

    • Still buying the PSP Vita too

    • Still buying the PSP Vita too

    • Still buying the PSP Vita too

    • It’s nice to know that you are saying that you aren’t going to buy something that you have no clue about.  It isn’t pop out 3-D dumb-ass. 

  • Yippee 🙂