Modern Warfare 3: Fears of Run/Shoot/Kill repetition

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 11, 2011

How many times has a FPS gamer said, I shot him 3 times in the head and he still didn’t die? This has always been the case over many generations of games on multiple games consoles, and even PC but it seems that certain games frustrate the gamer more than others, one being Call of Duty.

The players would be right to get frustrated with Call of Duty and the latest Black Ops game, as this version is the most unrealistic first person shooter we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. While it’s not quite as “arcade” as Time Crisis, it might as well be. The common Black Ops multiplayer game goes like this, you spawn and run then shoot and die, then you spawn and run then shoot and die, and so on. While some of the better players manage to shoot and kill more than die, they too are left frustrated and even copying this running around theme at times thanks to the amount of gamers in COD running around knifing.

With Modern Warfare 3 about to release on November 8 this year, we have fears that the next game, which keeps the same game engine, will be another Run/Shoot/Kill repetition. It’s true you need to aim and hit the target just like any other player, but the realism in Black Ops is a complete joke. The games are fun, Gun Game being one of our favorites, but shooting someone almost point blank with a Python and they keep going is completely crazy. The player wants to feel like they’re in a real war zone, and not playing water pistols in the back garden.

The gameplay needs to be fun but also if the game is to be classed as “Warfare”, the gamer expects a lot more realism and the developers need to put things in place to stop the stupid running around, non stop mayhem which makes the game completely unplayable.

Modern Warfare 3 will no doubt be a popular selling first-person shooter, but have you had enough of the unrealistic running around style warfare in Call of Duty multiplayer? How would you change things to help prevent MW3 becoming an unrealistic and frustrating FPS? Will you be jumping ship to Battlefield 3 this year?

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  • Cmoney326

    Wow I’ve never seen one of your articles be more slanted. You must be an EA employee. Your problems with black ops are not universal by any means. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You are choosing to play the game that way. Not the other way around. Maybe try a different strategy or hardcore? By the way do you have any idea what playing “in a real war zone” is like? I thought so. Keep your slanted, ridiculous articles to yourself. You are doing the PR site an injustice.

  • Cody

    Battlefield is gonna decimate this game. Will I play both? Yes. Which will i play more? Battlefield 3. Call of duty started to get washed down. Battlefield is just getting better.

  • Artem Chesnokov

    Ok BF3 graphics this new graphics engine that!! Thats all i here does
    BF3 have anything else besides SLOW game play and great graphics!! First
    if you ever played BF1-2 It has 10 slower boring ass game play! COD is
    fast pace in your face action!! idk if its the same graphics the game
    play the action sequences its WW3 for god sake its gana be explosions
    and epic battles all over the world!! I saw the boring slow game play in
    BF3 that BF never fails to bring!

    • you have obviously not played any BF game. or seen any videos of battlefield 3.

      • John

        He probably hasn’t – But BF still sucks hairy balls!

        • Jaszoon_232

          Na bro, modernwarfare 2.5 wil suk bushy balls. not bf3. have you seen its gameplay? ohhh…hohohohohhhoooohhhh… wot about it won 45 awards and 80 nominations without even being released yet? huh?

        • deathseeker

          dont forget that mw3 got nominated for 10, and all those 10 were won by bf3. 🙂

      • beLIEve

        oh great! another BF hipster. For the record and those who say MW3 is the same as MW2, Battlefield hasn’t changed much either (and yes, I’ve played the games). Deus Ex: Human Revolution FTW!!!!