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Tropico 4 demo download now live, is it better than Tropico 3?

It has been a while since we last gave you an update on Tropico 4, March to be exact, but we have some welcome news for you now as we can confirm that the demo for Tropico 4 is now available to download online.

The full game is not due to release on PC until August 26th in the UK, August 30th in the US, so if you have played Tropico 3 you should definitely download the free demo as soon as possible.

You won’t need us to tell you how good Tropico 3 was, but we can tell you that new features in Tropico 4 include interactive disasters, more superpowers to use and communicate with and also for the first time, social integration via Facebook and Twitter. We’re not sure how the social aspects will work exactly, but considering how popular both websites are these days, it’s a feature most of you will welcome with open arms we’re sure.

If you are interested in trying out the demo, download it from Fileplanet here. It will weigh in at 1.7GB and contain four practise missions as well as one full mission from the main campaign mode. In the full game, you’ll get 20 missions to play through, spread out over 10 different maps – plenty of content to keep you busy.

For those of you who have already downloaded the demo, we want to know your early impressions on Tropico 4. Is it already better than the last game in your opinion, or are you a bit disappointed with the new features as seen in the demo? If you haven’t seen any gameplay from Tropico 4 yet, you may be interested in viewing a gameplay trailer below which we’ve included for you.

Has Tropico 4 brought a bit of life back into the simulation genre? It certainly looks like a great game to pass the hours away.



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