PS4 and Xbox 720 need a better quality of games

When we look at this generation of games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 it’s impressive, especially when you compare the graphics to the last generation. Gameplay is a different matter, while we know of many games that are addictive and give you many hours of enjoyment; gameplay has been good on many platforms over the years including the Commodore 64. I remember as a kid playing the C64 via tape for over 40 hours a week, the gameplay was amazing even if the graphics were sticks.

The quality of games is made up of many factors, and while millions of gamers have loved gaming on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there are those that state the game quality needs to improve for the PS4 and Xbox 720. It’s the feeling of some people that there have been exceptions, but there’s probably been twice as many disappoints too. Titles with short gameplay or missing features and long waits for games that just weren’t worth it. Would you agree with this line of thought?

What about the games the Xbox 360/PS3 were promised this generation that would do everything? Some people feel this hasn’t happened. Graphics are obviously miles better but they never make a game, many last-gen games were better gameplay than this generation. This view has been quickly rejected by some, stating the games today are “unbelievable”, the best since SNES and NES days although we can point to the need for better games in the RPG category.

Then there is the idea that graphics are some times being favored over gameplay, with the loss of more people in online co-op games, which should have been possible this generation, and this needs to change on the PS4 and Xbox 720. Would you like to see much larger online co-op games next-gen? And should good graphics still be possible with this feature, and if not would you prefer the better graphics to gameplay?

We’d like to see the PS4 and Xbox 720 generation include games that are designed with multiplayer in mind from the start, and not making it a last minute decision. If this were done then we’ll see far greater online play come next-gen, including rooms for friends to play alone and better matchmaking.

How would you like to see a better quality of game next generation?



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