Sprint alternatives to iPhone 5 release

By Peter Chubb - Aug 9, 2011

The likes of Verizon and AT&T all have their own handsets coming to market that will have to compete with the iPhone 5, but what about Sprint? Well believe it or not they have three new smartphones that will be able to take the fight to Apple, but we have seen in the past that this will be very tough to do. The three handsets are from three different phone makers, HTC, Motorola and also Samsung.

The first phone is the HTC EVO Design 4G; this will have a range of tech to help it compete with its rivals, such as a dual-core processor, HTC Sense, 3D and also qHD resolution. Then we have the Motorola Admiral, now according to Engadget this will not have 4G, but this is a good thing, as they already have the Photon all over that, so will be great to have a phone from Moto that will have a longer battery life.

Finally we have Samsung’s iPhone 5 beater – well what they hope to be. Now this seems a little confusing, as it looks as though Sprint might not be releasing the Within after all, instead it will go by a different name, their version of the Galaxy S II is now expected to go by the name of the Epic 4G Touch. We do not care what they call it; we just want to see Sprint release the handset – well all three really.

We have no other details on price release dates or specs, but once we know more we will share what we know with you. From those three phone makers it is HTC that needs to make up the most ground, as they have been struggling with offering a phone that has the potential to take on the iPhone 5. Now they could have two handsets, this new version of the EVO and also the HTC Vigor, which is expected to come with either a 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

When you look at these new handsets they do have what it takes to take on the new iPhone 5, which should be with us in September or October. However, the only company who can affect the outcome is Apple themselves, because if they get it right the other phones will be left picking up the scraps once again, but get it wrong and HTC, Samsung and Motorola will be involved in a feeding frenzy.

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  • Why should Sprint customers have to find alternatives to the iPhone? For better or for worse, this phone is a major market leader, and it’s the one that all other phones are compared to. It’s been four years since the first version launched — what possible rationale could Sprint have for being the only carrier not to offer this phone?

  • randy:)cartman

    I’m so sick of reading about “oh and it won’t have 4G which is a good thing because you won’t have to worry about battery life”. Do all you stupid retarded writers know you can disable 4G and only use 3G to preserve battery life on a 4G phone. Yea I know who would have thought. I would definitely rather have my Thunderbolt so if I feel the urge to use 4G I know I can. And if I feel the urge to preserve battery well then I turn on 3G only. Now I know an update recently came out for the Thunderbolt that gave the option of turning 4G on and off in settings but since day 1 the Thunderbolt was released you could toggle 4G on and off by dialing *#*#4636#*#* so in fact the update just made it easier to turn on and off for dumb people like this writer. I wish people would stop implying 4G is terrible on battery so don’t get a 4G phone. That’s rubbish in all its sense. Yes 4G does use more battery but you can DISABLE it if you like to.