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Nintendo 3DS Problems Continue: Warped plastics reported

Since it was first released the Nintendo 3DS has led a troubled life, which first started with the black screen of death issue. This was thankfully quickly fixed with a software update, but there were then the problems which led to Amazon temporally suspending sales of the unit, which was quickly followed by the price cut. Now we have news that Nintendo 3DS problems continue, with warped plastics reported.

It is not known how widespread this latest problem is, but is reporting that several 3DS users have complained of the D-pad beginning to go out of shape after only a few months of gaming. This could just be an isolated number of problems; with many owners not have any problems at all.

The D-pad is not normally used for the majority of time, with the analog stick being used for primary game play. There have also been reports that the paint was starting to peel off the D-pad as well, but these reports don’t state how many hours of play the unit has been used for.

My son still has his ageing DS Lite with the D-Pad has lost some paint and not as it was when first purchased. It still works fine though, and after a few years of heavy use. It seems that many people want to jump on the kick Nintendo while their down, and several reports of problems are not many compared to the total units sold.

It will only become a problem if in the coming weeks we see many more owners complaining of problems. Some good news for owners of the console which reside in the UK is the fact that Nintendo have teamed up with The Cloud to provide free Wi-Fi at 50,000 hotspots across the country.

An article on PC Advisor is reporting that from today the console will automatically connect to the web once in range of a hotspot provided by The Cloud. These hotspots can be found in leisure facilities, mainline stations, pubs and restaurants. Users will be able to access SpotPass as well as browse the web.

Have you had any troubles with your D-pad on your 3DS? Or do you think it is a great device?



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