MK9 DLC: Freddy Krueger fatalities, stage and babality move list for PS3, Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2011

We have some fantastic news for those of you with a copy of Mortal Kombat on either the Xbox 360 or PS3 now, as we can confirm that the Kreddy Krueger DLC character as well as the compatibility pack 4 are now available to download from the respective PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

As usual with every DLC character release, Freddy will not only come to Mortal Kombat with his specialized move set, but he’ll also be equipped with two Freddy-style fatalities, a stage fatality and also a surprising creative babality which you probably haven’t seen yet.

You will automatically know the first fatality code to perform his ‘Tell ‘Em Freddy Sent Ya’ fatality as the game already provides the Back, Forward, Down, Down, 1 code, or the square button if you’re playing the PS3 version – This move can also be perfomed at any distance as well which is handy.

As for his other hidden moves, below you’ll find out the codes which we’ve already discovered allowing you to showcase the new moves online for those who have yet to see them, and for obvious bragging rights.

To perform his 2nd Fatality ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ – Input Down, Up, Forward, Back, Block at sweep distance. For Freddy’s stage fatality, simply input forward, down, down X (or 1) at close distance. Finally, to perform a babality with Freddy Krueger, you’ll need to put in the code back, forward, down square (or 3) at jump distance. Don’t forget to perform this babality on Freddy himself as the animation is pretty excellent and different to the babalities for the other DLC characters.

For those of you who have already downloaded Freddy, let us know what you think of him so far, – do you think he is worth the $5 / 400 Microsoft Points? We have a feeling that many of you will feel that he is the best DLC character yet, although Rain may still be a firm favorite. On a personal note though, it’s pretty exciting to see who the next character will be. A Mortal Kombat character this time, or some more movie-based characters like Predator, Leatherface, Jason or Michael Myers.

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  • WhyDoYouNeedToKnow???

    he is worth way more than $5.

  • He is good but his ending is lame

  • Ericaashley85

    Hell he fits in good in mk universe can’t wait to see what’s next

    • Predator? Robocop?

    • Coolbrentmb

      nothing, he’s the last character

  • Bryan

    His fatalaties are pretty cool, the babality was funny. His moves over all are pretty good too! All that’s missing now is Jason!

  • Vintechupar

    Segue aee Fatality – Freedy Krueger
    Fatality 1: de qualquer lugar  ←, →, ↓  ,↓  □ (soco fraco)Fatality 2: distância de uma rasteira  ↓ , ↑ ,→, ← R2 (bloqueio)Stage Fatality (Pit): de perto →,  ↓, ↓  X (chute fraco)Babality: distância de um pulo ←, →, ↓ □ (soco fraco)
    Espero ter ajudado. ^^                                            PSN:KudraM_BR

  • Captain622

    He is actually pretty cool but is there going to be another DLC to fit more in his story?

    • Coolbrentmb

      no, he’s the last character

  • Kalenbryankerby

    He is pretty bad ass. Although they could have made him a little more creepy and given him a better X-Ray. Other than that no complaints

    • Agree with you on the X-Ray, seems rather ‘tame’ for a no mercy kinda guy like Freddy Krueger!!

  • Slacker

    I like him, he’s neat, but…. I could have gone for someone else from the franchise. This game did a good job of making characters unique, they could’ve given me one more.

  • Jermaine 84

    Man he is so damn amazing

  • Trex413

    freddy is amazzzzing… been kickin ass all morning