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Google+ for iPad and iPod Touch now available

Google+ has been with us for over a month now and we have seen the new social networking site continue to grow. While there has been support for the Android platform and the iPhone with applications, owners of other iOS Devices have been left waiting. But this is now ended thanks to the news that Google+ for iPad and iPod Touch is now available on the App Store.

Owners of the iPhone have been able to publish updates to their Google+ accounts, and see updates from people in their Circles for a couple of weeks now. Now there is a new version which not only supports the iPad and iPod Touch, some sought after features have also been added.

An article on eWeek is reporting that that just like users of the Android version of the application, users of the iOS version can view specific Google+ Circles in a Stream. They can also start a Huddle group messaging chats via another users profile page. Other features include the ability for users to choose what people from their Circles can start Huddle chats with them.

These new features can be accessed by users from the settings gear icon found on the home screen. Other things which have been fixed by the update are the app now allows users to + mention someone in a post, and also allow them to join conversations. This feature was missing from the original iPhone version of the application.

There is still one feature missing from the application though as users still can’t use the Instant Upload option. Android users can automatically add photos from their smartphones to their Google+ account. Hopefully it won’t be too long before this feature is made available for users on the iOS platform.

When the iPhone Google+ application was first launched to the App Store, many users rushed to download the app. But a few problems were found and the application was not very stable. As the site continues to grow in popularity we can expect to see more additions and enhancements for all the features of it.



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