Final Fantasy Versus XIII left to rot by SE – FF XIII-2 boycott justified?

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2011

If you had been looking forward to some fresh details on the delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII game, we have yet more disappointing news to bring you now. Square-Enix has just confirmed that the game will not be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September.

It had been speculated for months that the Tokyo Game Show was the ideal setting for a fresh update on the status of Versus XIII, especially after another no show at this year’s E3 expo in Los Angeles. However, it looks like our previous fears over the state of it’s current development were true, as it now will not be shown at TGS either.

We’ve asked this before, but what exactly is going on at Square-Enix? It seems to us as if they have completely put Versus XIII on hold to focus on Final Fantasy XIII-2, a game which many are you are hoping will put Square-Enix back on the right track after Final Fantasy XIII received a fair portion of criticism.

This is evident in the fact that Square-Enix even have Final Fantasy XIII-2 ready in playable form at the upcoming Eurogamer Expo next month, despite the fact that the game was only announced in January and won’t be releasing in Europe until 2012. That means for a full year, Square-Enix has obviously been prioritizing FFXIII-2 as their main release, seemingly leaving Final Fantasy Versus XIII to rot away in oblivion.

What happened to the community updates from Square-Enix? There’s nothing worse than a developer failing to give the slightest updates for a game which is obviously high on everyone’s wish list, so the news will be pretty gutwrenching for those once they hear that Versus XIII is still in AWOL status.

Is it time for Square-Enix to feel some heat over this, or do you believe they are doing the right thing in focusing on Final Fantasy XIII-2? Square-Enix do not seem to be listening to gamers any more, so should drastic measures like a boycott on FF XIII-2 be taken or not? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • boycott seams to soft, if you want to hit them where it hurts, every FF fan would have to abstain in buying ANYTHING related to 
    Square-Enix, that way, they would listen, and maybe regain their brains along the way, sorry if i seams to agreasive, but im just EXTEAMLY MAD about all this shi…

  • Caitlinicnubill

    o.o I found FFXIII  completely boring, and I’m terrified of even watching or playing FFXIII-2.  Man, I  nearly fell asleep playing the first one, I guess I’ll be KO when and if I ever play FFXIII-2, and nearly dead if they do release a FFXIII-3.  I guess those other games didn’t get a sequel is because they did it right the first time and it’s taken nearly 3 games to get FFXIII right? ._. I don’t know about this game series anymore, it’s been one of my favorites since the 1st one.  Sigh, sigh, sigh!

  • Baroqu_dude

    Why the hell would I boycott a game that seems awesome?

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty useless to ask this half-lazy, self proclaimed-intelligent, keyboard-bound audience to BOYCOTT of all things. Clearly no one understands that this”oh, we thought you quite liked the FF13 and the continuation..” FUKK OFFF! It’s blatant, it’s obvious and it’s everything but unclear that – yes! They don’t give a f78ck! And yes, they’ll keep grabbing your money over mediocre titles as long as you even click on these articles title Final Fantasy (ANYTHING!) you get me? 

  • Belac09

    i will follow SE like a braindead zombie even though i know i shouldnt. im actually looking forward to 13-2. i would rather play VS 13 though. by a long shot.

    • Anonymous

      At least you admit it, right? 

  • They’ll end up holding out for the PS4, claim it’ll be a launch title, and deliver it about 3 years into the PS4’s lifespan.

  • They’ll end up holding out for the PS4, claim it’ll be a launch title, and deliver it about 3 years into the PS4’s lifespan.

  • Na, im a Final fantasy fan. Type 0 and FFXIII-2 look amazing, so why wouldnt i be happy?  No one is forcing to buy FFXIII.2, and if you’re planning to boycott it, it just means you weren’t interested in it in the first place. Which takes you back to square 1. 

  • Evilmaster2424

    i refuse to by the game at all, i probably wont buy another SE game unless its either versus or KH3. thats only way SE will ever get money from me ever again.