Droid Bionic design fears ahead of release, battery life compensation?

By Alan Ng - Aug 9, 2011

Another day, another Droid Bionic-based adventure to tell you about. However, unlike our previous articles on the Bionic this week related to the all-important release date of the device, we now have something else which you may want to take into consideration – the design.

Yes, the design factor of the Droid Bionic which many of have seemed to have overlooked, as judging by some new leaked screenshots of the Bionic in the wild, it’s certainly not going to be a pretty device to look at, as Motorola has decided to make the Bionic one of their thickest devices to date.

Take a look at the following screenshot below if you don’t believe us, an image which was captured over at GottaBeMobile. For those of you who were worrying that the bulkiness of the Bionic was going to be just as bad as the HTC Thunderbolt, it looks as if your worst nightmares have been confirmed judging by the following picture below.

Obviously, we don’t know the exact reasoning behind the bulky design, but one logical explanation could be due to the larger battery that will now be equipped inside the Droid Bionic. If you remember, the HTC Thunderbolt came under severe criticism over its poor battery life, and Motorola are keen to ensure this doesn’t happen with the Bionic by giving it a larger battery, both in capacity and size.

There will be a lot of you who won’t care too much about this thicker design, but we have a feeling that a lot of you will – and will be pretty shocked to see just how thick the Bionic actually is up close. If you are currently planning to pick up a Bionic if it launches in September, give us your opinions on the design – is it a big problem for you or not?

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  • Contrary to many analyst opinions, BATTERY LIFE is what most customers have been asking for not devices that are increasingly thinner.

  • Uh really? who cares if it’s not 1/4 inch thick? Do you really want to hold a piece of peper in your hand anyway? Stop Hating

  • Not a problem.

  • Docshows

    It’s not a problem for me. It’s still considerably thinner than many earlier phone models. If it gives me more battery life I’m aLL FOR IT.   

  • Roberttko19

    Is alright if it can last al day with heavy usage it’s worth