PS3 Move-capable Star Wars game would humiliate Kinect

By Peter Chubb - Aug 5, 2011

There is nothing worse than knowing that the Xbox 360 Kinect will be getting a game that for some will do much better on the PS3 Move. One game that comes to mind is Star Wars. Now we do not want to get into the whole argument about each console, but come on; it is much better to have something in your hands during a Lightsaber fight scene than nothing at all. LucasArts has always favored Microsoft, and we know that such a game is in development for Kinect; it just rubs salt into the wounds of PlayStation 3 users.

The Move controller would be a better choice, as the shape is already similar to a Lightsaber. This would mean that you would be able to wave it around in a comparable way to a Jedi or Sith Lord; something that cannot be done with the Kinect, as you have nothing in your hands. How many times did you have a sword fight as a child and did it without a stick or plastic sword – bet the answer would be never?

LucasArts is all about technology, and is it for this reason why they would want to stick with the Kinect, but isn’t playability just as important? We are not saying that the Star Wars game will be a let down on Kinect, we are just saying that the Move version would be more practical. Put it this way, when kids get into a Lightsaber fight scene on the Kinect, how many of them will then get out their toy version or something else just so that they can feel a little closer to the action?

Maybe we are looking at this all wrong; LucasArts is all about making money, so maybe they will come out with a Lightsaber peripheral that will work with the Kinect? This would be a good idea if they want the game to feel realistic, but then how many other games would you want a peripheral for – you may as well get yourself a PS3 Move if you wanted to go down that route?

While reading over one or two forums on this very subject we came across Movemodo, and there was one suggestion by a member that LucasArts should take a look at Sports Champions, as the gladiator game shows that Star Wars on the Move is very possible. However, if they were to implement this then Sony had better get their act together and just make those moves a little more precise. When you do the small movements Move is fantastic, but when you make much larger and faster movements things have just a slight lag – maybe that’s why LucasArts went with the Kinect after all?

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  • I played the demo of this saturday at six flags, and it is perdy badass with kinect.  The best reason for not having the light saber would be smacking your co-player upside the head with it because theres a lot of movement in the battles and you may not end up where you started.  I didn’t get to play with menu controls so I don’t know if they have a left hand mode but aside from the general awkwardness that comes with living in a righty world, it was a lot of fun and pretty intuitive.  I don’t think move is needed and the game is set up so that you wouldn’t need buttons.  I mean the only switch for a jedi is to activate the light saber and I don’t think it would be far-fetched that they could switch it on/off with the force rather than touching a physical switch.

    While I have a PS3, I tried the move in the store and felt like I was playing a wii with better gfx (I have Wiis too which don’t get touched by me anymore).  The kinect selling point (for me) was that it was something different (and I don’t have to worry that I might get excited enough to harpoon my tv with it)

    I also like the low entry point for it (age) since they don’t need to learn buttons, they can just watch big bro/sis 1x and then start playing along.

  • Fe

    Why is everyone here in such denial?  If you say the move game doesn’t have more potential for a Star Wars game emphasizing on moving a lightsaber, sorry, but you’re an idiot.  The moves has way better tracking and well buttons, which is all it needs to make the game well above its kinect counterpart.  Not that I would buy either.  I think the motion gaming is more of a fad then anything else, and sounds cool on paper but is far from being practical with most games.

  • SteveM

    Kinect is piece of crap, the Move is much more precise and is much better suited for gaming

  • Talking about humiliation, honestly i would feel more humiliated if my friends are watching me holding “glowing” move while playing my games than acting as the controller on kinect games, so from a gamer pov, kinect is a way cooler than move, not to mention there has been many cool kinect hacks out there and none so-called move hack.

  • Siamesemonk

    You can choose to hold any “object” while you play star wars on kinetic. No interruption, and no lag in play. Plus, you are the controller, no buttons(;

  • Anonymous

    LOL…keep dreaming turd!  Move games suck, which is why they are NOT selling!

  • Jedienz

    bro,you sound like you’re whinning! lol hahahaha, but i do get your point.just watch microsoft will come up with something like you can scan an item and use it as a lightsaber. peace

  • datdude

    Let’s be honest.. star wars kinect will sell.. move kinect would not.  Sony has some fantastic exclusive franchises that don’t sell nearly as well as their xbox 360 counterparts.  Money talks.  Also, the 360 generally outsells the ps3 when it comes to shared games between the consoles.  Gears 3 will sell through the roof, while a game like uncharted 3 which should do boffo numbers will inevitably lag behind.  Why?  Maybe sony fanboys are louder with their mouths and don’t spend as much scratch on games.  Me, I’ll be picking up both gears and uncharted.

    • Des

      And maybe the reason in difference of sales between gears and uncharted is the fact that gears is the firest real x360 exclusive in this year, and on ps3 players have much wider choice and uncharted is just one of many games on this platform?

      • Dashawn Martin

        PS3 has bought most of the companies that they get exclusives from right? 

  • Dashawn Martin

    The move and kinect both have there own problemes they each have there share of lag on some games and both get countless amounts of fan boys hate from different consoles but what this article points out about move being better because there’s something in your hand is really dumb. After i finished reading this i looked down and saw the first kinect hack i saw like 5 months ago and it was the one with the stick turning into a light saber. This made me think why is he even writeing this? just because the players in the videos on the internet are playing with nothing in there hands dosent mean you have to play like that I’m able to play child of eden and kinect sports with my old wii foam tennis racket and it still works fine. 

  • LucasArts favoritism of MS ends with the check that MS signs over to them.  They just got paid that’s all.  Lets not try to make this into some conspiracy.  Honestly it was a smart move on MS’s part, your competitor is releasing a controller that resembles a light-saber.

    I ask — where was Sony when they were developing the Move??  No one in their offices had the creativity or where-with-all to determine a light saber game is a shoe-in for Move?  I love PlayStation, but I can’t blame MS for Sony dropping the ball and missing an opportunity.

    “Microsoft have so much spare cash, they can persuade companies like
    LucasArts to do whatever they want, regardless of it it makes sense or

    Those days are rapidly fading as MS stockholders are starting to become keen to these loss ventures like the Xbox.  While the PS3 was on “life support” for a while, the Xbox brand has tarnished MS’s marketshare, their loss via the original Xbox was only compounded by billions more with RROD, so it’s not like MS can just use money like a magic wand if they want to be in the business of a console loss leader (which is what the next generation will be all about). 

  • Ld

    What is this crap?  This isn’t news. This article is just fishing for comments.  I thought this was a news site, not a blog.

  • Anonymous

    well then why not wii? kinect better but yeah the move looks like a vibr.. lightsaber

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately money talks much louder than common sense.  Microsoft have so much spare cash, they can persuade companies like LucasArts to do whatever they want, regardless of it it makes sense or not.