Top Ten Free Back to College/School Android Apps

The return to school, college or university can be a stressful time, as well as full of excitement for both students and parents. As they return to school, GetJar, the world’s largest free apps store, has all the apps a student needs to get them through the first term with a bang. From apps to organise work, to drinking games to aid play – GetJar has over 73,000 free apps available to download on every type of handset and platform.

Get the academic year off with a bang, with GetJar’s top 10 ‘back to college’ apps: The first five apps include – Shout Alarm: Not a morning person? Get to class on time and release some stress by shouting to switch off this alarm. Debt Droid: Keep track of debts owed and to paid with this great app, which includes different currencies and a reminder alarm. Battleships game: Need a bit of extra cash for those nights down the student union? Earn cash whilst playing games with this global multiplayer game. Cut the Rope: This award-winning game is perfect for a bit of fun between classes. Though be warned- it will have everyone hooked! Find Starbucks: Feeling low on energy? Find a pick-me-up at the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. Just type in the location and enjoy a caffeine boost ready for that lecture.

Another five back to college apps include – Facebook Mobile: Keep in touch with friends and up to date on the latest gossip and events. Follow celebrities, musicians, and TV shows and post the latest news right from your mobile. Flickr: Share photos with family and friends in one click! Snap and share with this great app and show everyone what’s going on in college. Flixster: Watch the latest film trailers, keep track of the latest movie releases and rate them with this fun app. Wikipedia: Find information to help with studies or just fun facts access this useful site any time from your mobile with the Wikipedia app. Personality test: Not sure what University/College Course suits you? Personality test will match the career that best suits your talent.

Let us know what you think of these back to school apps, and feel free to share your favorite in the comments. All the above apps can be found via



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