The best Battlefield 3 destruction videos

By Alan Ng - Aug 4, 2011

If you have yet to see any of the recent Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage that leaked online as part of the ongoing alpha trial for the game, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have rounded up some of the best videos for you, with a specific helping of destruction-based footage.

We’ve said it before in the past, but if you had any doubt that Battlefield 3 is going to be one of the best if not THE best shooter this year, then just check out the videos we have to show you to get an idea of the level of graphics quality that EA DICE are aiming for with BF3.

The first video we have to show you is a compilation of gameplay taken from the alpha trial of the game, but you’ll want to skip to 2.35 for the first glimpses on how EA DICE has improved the destruction physics in Battlefield 3, compared to the Rush map featured in Battlefield Bad Company 2. As far as we can see, this is Battlefield 3’s version of the Rush map and it looks fantastic.

Watch how the player launches himself out of the window and then the building collapses into rubble behind him, much to the enjoyment of his teammates watching in excitement. We then switch to a view of a player planting C4 around the same building, giving you an idea on how it will work in the map – simply plant your C4 explosives and then hit the switch when you have cleared a certain distance.

The second video we have to show you demonstrates how the destruction physics work just when a player shoots the environment around him. Pay particular attention to the rocket launched into the building at 0.30, you’ll agree with us that EA DICE have done a fantastic job on the destruction side of things – certainly a huge step up to Bad Company 2 anyway.

Finally, the third video is a detail gameplay video taken from the beta and you’ll want to skip to 2.30 to enjoy the destruction segments. The way the buildings collapse under heavy fire is very impressive to say the least, and if you’re a gamer who enjoys graphics over gameplay – you are going to be blown away by these three videos.

Also bear in mind that the gameplay is taken from the alpha trial of the game, meaning that the graphics and gameplay smoothness will be improved further once EA DICE roll out the final build of the game. Take a look at the clips below and let us know what you think about them. Don’t forget to select HD from the YouTube drop down menu!

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  • The destruction is limited to a few areas of pre-scripted geometry. If this is what people focus on they will be very disappointed.

    • Blah

      ^ works for activision

    • Chad Critser

      Considering no other game can achive this kind of player made destruction is case and point alone.  Also When the guy shoot a rpg at the side of the building and a chunk came of, i’ll bet my left nut that that is how it is alll over, mainly because when you look at all the other videos out there that is what you see, so NO the destruction is not limited to a few area of pre-scripted geometry.  You go on and play MW3, don’t worry your pretty little head about “our” disapointment, We’ll be fine.

    • Paul Kelly

      Also – EA have already stated that destruction has been purposely limited to certain areas in the Alpha code. In the full game it will be back to normal – you know – destruction – awesome graphics – intelligent gameplay – all the things COD:BO hasn’t got….