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Many Android devices still waiting for Gingerbread and stuck on Froyo

While the Android platform goes from strength to strength, the operating system can be very fragmented with a variety of handsets running different versions of the software. But many of the activated Android devices are still waiting for the Gingerbread update and are still stuck on Froyo.

There are around thirty million devices activated on the Android platform each quarter, and with lots of desirable handsets due to be released the number will continue to grow strongly. Now Techtree are reporting that Google has released a chart showing the percentage of each version of the Android platform that has accessed the Android Market.

The chart shows that Android 2.2 Froyo still rules the roost with around 55.9 percent of devices running the software. While Gingerbread 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 are still a long way behind with only 23.7 percent. Gingerbread was first launched last December on the Google Nexus S, but the update has been slow to roll out if at all with other handset manufacturers.

Meanwhile the tablet version of Android Honeycomb that now includes Android 3.2 has gone up from 0.9 to 1.3 percent. The trouble is with Google’s chart it only takes into consideration devices that actually access the Android Market during a certain time frame. Many owners may not even use the store so the figures can’t be called completely accurate.

But what it does show is the devices actually accessing the store, 96.7 percent of them are running Android 2.1 or above. So it won’t be long before the likes of Cupcake 1.5 and Donut 1.6 are long gone. The fragmentation of the platforms operating system has been one of the biggest criticisms of Android, with many owners of the same cell phone running different software versions.

Google are currently working with handset manufacturers for a solution to this problem, but you can’t get away from the quick rise of the platform. Check the chart out for yourself below. Which version of Android does your handset currently run?



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