Nexus S Quandary, get free or wait for Galaxy S II

By Peter Chubb - Aug 3, 2011

We were sent details that Best Buy would be offering a Nexus S for free today, which has now left those waiting to upgrade in a quandary. The reason why is because some AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers have been waiting to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S II. They now have to decide if they are still willing to wait, or take the retailer up on their very generous offer?

The deal is a win win for Samsung, as they make both devices, so the likes of HTC and Motorola will have to sit around and admit defeat for today. The offer of a free Nexus S runs from 11.00PM CT yesterday to 11.59PM CT today. Just do not go into any other store by mistake, as you will look pretty stupid. You should not think too hard about this offer, due to the fact that there is not much time.

The Nexus S or Google Phone as some people call it is not going to blow you away with the hardware, but what you can be sure of is it being the first one to get future Android updates before most other handsets running the OS. Android 2.3 Gingerbread comes installed, but once Ice Cream Sandwich is released chances are you will have it before the S II, Droid Bionic and the ill-fated HTC ThunderBolt. However, we can tell you that the Nexus S does come with NFC, something that the iPhone 5 might no even get, depending who you listen to that is?

To benefit from this one-day offer you have to either be ready for an upgrade or if you sign up to a new two-year contract. This means that those of you who still have time left on your contract will not be able to take advantage of this offer. No doubt this will upset some customers who have only just signed up to a new contract?

Finding the deal on the Best Buy website is very easy, as it is shown right at the top of the normal or mobile store website. Now that you have saved money on this limited offer the retailer must be hoping that you purchase some accessories at the same time. We can see that they have nine accessories available, these range from cases, extra battery, car charger and a screen cover.

Will you be getting the free Nexus S, or would you rather wait for the Galaxy S II

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  • Wyd2m

    Get the Galaxy S2. 

    Verizon LTE and HSPA+ from the other carriers is still faster than 3G.If you’re an AT&T customer wait for the review on the ATT GS2 variant. It could contain some sort of problem like the GS1 Samsung ATT Captivate with the random reboot which went unfixed for months.

  • Anonymous

    Unless the device has improved significantly since its release, there is no way I would buy the S device for myself, and I wouldn’t even saddle my kids with the phone…Especially for two years.  There is no way the price could induce me to bypass acquiring the far-superior S2 device.  It’s nearly back-to-school time here in the states, so I suspect this promotion is targeting that crowd.  Anyone who is not an aficionado will think this is a good deal, but those who have been waiting for the S2 will not bite.  Free does not trump superior specs when the disparity between the devices is so great.

    • Anonymous

      In actual use the Nexus S is probably the fastest phone on all of the carriers. With future software updates that enable the dual core smartphones to take advantage of both cores this will not be the case. But who knows how long those non-Nexus devices will be waiting for that software update.