CoD Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Xbox 360 release date – all zombies

By Jamie Pert - Aug 3, 2011

Buckle up zombies fans you’re in for a treat! We have recently heard that Treyarch and Activision are bringing more zombies to Call of Duty: Black Ops, apparently this DLC will hit Xbox Live on August 23 and will consist of five zombies maps, 4 you will recognize, 1 you will not.

Apparently the DLC will introduce a new zombies map called Moon, which is obviously set in space. The other four maps are maps which came exclusive to those of you who purchased Hardened and Prestige edition of Black Ops, these are Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese (these are remastered maps from Call of Duty: World at War). Apparently you will also get an “enhanced Zombies Soundtrack”, which also features a new zombies track for Moon.

The Rezurrection pack will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, which equates to $15. Some people who forked out a lot of money on special editions on Black Ops may feel hard-done-by, to be honest we have to agree as we were previously told that the remastered World at War maps would only be available to those of you who spent $79.99 on the Hardened Edition or $129.99 on the Prestige Edition. Now gamers can get these maps plus a new one for just $15, do you think this is fair?

By the looks of things people who purchased the Hardened or Prestige editions of Black Ops will get the Moon zombies map free of charge, this has not been confirmed, but it looks extremely likely and sounds very fair to us. You can find out even more about the Rezurrection DLC over at JoyStiq.

You may remember in late June we reported news which suggested that a new map pack was coming to Black Ops called Retaliation, we later suggest that this was fake and now that the Rezurrection DLC has been pretty much confirmed it looks as if we were right. If you are sceptical about this news let us just say that Larry Hryb tweeted the news, he is a pretty legitimate source as he works for both Microsoft and Xbox Live, you can see his tweet here.

As you have probably guessed this is an Xbox 360 exclusive and won’t hit the PlayStation 3 or PC until a month or so later, when we hear more regarding this we will keep you posted.

Will you buy the Rezurrection DLC?

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  • Jonathanswenson97

    moon dosent work on my xbox 360 its downloaded and bought but wont work ,HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathanswenson97

    yeah it sucks balls

  • Deeb_07

    ive just downloaded the new maps and i cant get the zombies soundtrack, its saying its downloaded but it wont load to the xbox just my computer, can anyone help?

  • ninjaone

    Heck ya i’m buying it!  Zombies rule!  

  • Plested83

    Really font think il bother getting this for ps3 as a month later battlefield comes out then a week later MW3 is released. Just a waist of money for a month!

  • Michaelwpriest

    So crap that it will take a month untill ps3 gets it!!! By that time all the secrets and Easter eggs are on the net and since I can’t help my self I’ll look them up

    • Jonathanswenson97

      ps3 sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronnieblaze

    The money machine goes on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ronnieblaze

    The money machine goes on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz