No Battlefield 3 pre-order bonus surprise: List of three

As we fast approach the release of Battlefield 3, the build-up has been intense, what with the constant little battle going on with Modern Warfare 3 and the subject of pre-orders. We already gave details of what Amazon UK were giving away, but we now have details on what three other retailers will be offering as a pre-order bonus.

These latest offerings are now for gamers in the US, and what surprised us the most is that there is no surprise. The reason we say this is because they are pretty much the same, which is a bit of a let down if you ask us. We would have thought that EA and retailers would have come up with a few more surprises, especially when they will have the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game breathing down their necks?

The first US retailer is You will get the very same Karkand DLC expansion pack, but as an extra bonus you will receive a set of dog tags. However, those gamers in the UK seems to have the better end of the pre-order deal, as they will also have the SPECACT Kit thrown in for free. This consists of 8 free multiplayer skins,

BF3 Blog says that Gamestop also gets the same DLC, but there are two other freebies as well, these are the Physical Warfare pack and the Prima Battlefield 3 strategy guide. Best Buy like the other retailers offers the Back To Karkand expansion pack, but also includes the very same SPECACT Kit as Amazon UK offers.

BF3 pre-orders have been very healthy and have been beating MW3; new records were set on the same week that the final Harry Potter movie was released. However, in a strange twist Star Wars: The Old Republic has since topped those pre-order sales. This just shows what a close battle we are in for, but we find it remarkable how SWTOR can take on the might of these other two powerhouses?

One would presume that as we get closer to the release date then the Star Wars game would start to get left behind, but then again, it might not. There has never been a game from the Star Wars franchise that has been given this much media attention; some are even suggesting that it has much more to offer that World of Warcraft. Now do not hold us to this, there was a recent article that suggested that if it were not for the user base of WoW, then they could find themselves losing the title of MMO king.



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