iPhone 5 release rumored to be a big upgrade but maybe not until October

By Gary Johnson - Aug 2, 2011

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is cranking up now as we head into the expected time frame for the handset to become available. We have seen alleged cases for the new handset surface that suggest a slimmer form factor. Now new reports are saying that the iPhone 5 release is rumored to be a big upgrade, but maybe not available until October.

AppleInsider are reporting that industry sources are claiming the new iPhone is set to be a bigger upgrade from the iPhone 4 than previously thought. They claim not for the first time it will have a slimmer design and a slightly larger display. Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said he regularly gets investors wondering why consumers would consider purchasing the iPhone 5 if it doesn’t have 4G, especially if Apple plans a 4G handset further down the line.

Wu added that the “iPhone refresh in the fall time frame could be a bigger upgrade than we expected”, and will help Apple to stay competitive and keep in front of the competition. He claims the display is slightly larger than 3.5-inches and the handset will have the same processor than the iPad 2, but with a similar form factor than the iPhone 4 with a thinner bezel.

One feature not thought to be coming on the device is 4G LTE connectivity, as the technology still causes problems with battery life and network coverage. Wu believes that Apple will fix this problem sometime in the future.

There have also been stories circulating the last couple of days that the iPhone 5 won’t be launching until October at the earliest. All Things D are reporting that sources claiming to be close to Apple’s operations, are saying that the recent reports of AT&T blocking staff vacations in September for the release of the handset are wide of the mark. Some even claimed the device won’t launch until the latter part of the month.

We have already had Apple’s Peter Oppenheimer saying the company will launch a ‘major product transition’ in September, so whether this means the handset will be revealed in that month with an actual release in October remains to be seen. It is looking more likely now though that Apple may have something which will really please its fans up its sleeve, as well as taking on the challenge of the high end Android handsets.

Do you hope that Apple will bring out a major upgrade with the iPhone 5?

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  • put both hand to hand and I want to see how Apple stands. Yet another user lured by a poisoned  rotten Apple…

  • No external memory, no battery removal, no flash player, probably still heavy…don’t see how it can compete with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2. Apple is pure hype aimed at people who rather follow then lead.

    • Android sucks a lot of wieners

      Are you serious? The reason apple has more money than the US government is because there products are wonderful. They keep everything on their devices simple this in turn makes them very user-friendly and it makes for a very solid build, especially cus they don’t use plastic on their devices they are always metal and glass. So there you have it… Android sucks!