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Flat or curved iPhone 5, owner’s preference

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is like watching Dallas from all those years ago, as there seems to be so much going on, with no real idea as to the truth. Most of us seem to have already made our minds up of what the specs will be, but it is the design that has us intrigued the most. Is it the same size, larger, still flat or curved? No matter what happens we all have our own design preference, you just have to choose yours.

The reason we say this is because a rumor that has been circulating for some time now has picked up steam since a so-called iPhone 5 was spotted in public, as well as a case. Now we cannot say if the phone was real or a hoax, but it gives you an idea at just how hot a subject this is. How many other phones coming to market warrant such attention?

Having a curved design iPhone might sound fun at first, but let’s be practical it would get very annoying. Firstly when you put your phone down you want it to stay flat on the surface, which it does with the iPhone 4. However, if Apple ever went with a curved design this would not do this, as it does not have a flat surface to meet.

Then there is the small issue of having it in your pants/trouser pockets. Having a flat phone in there does not feel uncomfortable, but a curved handset would, as it would feel a little awkward if your garment is a little tight fitting. However, not one to be too negative, there is the little question of how stylish a curved iPhone would look.

Flat is not exactly the best of designs, something that Apple has come to realize – why else did they move to a teardrop design with the MacBook Air last year? If we had to put a bet on it, then we would say that Apple will still go with the flat design, but it would be slightly larger, yet thinner.

Talking of that fake iPhone 5 earlier, The Washington Post suggests that there could be some truth in the design. They say this because why on earth would they want to clone a design what has yet to be released? That’s certainly interesting and makes you think, and would make us sound like fools, as this one did have a curved back.



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