Gamers’ quandary: PS3 and PS4 confliction

By Peter Chubb - Jul 28, 2011

There is still no proof that Sony is making a PS4, but we have no reason to think why they would not release a successor to the popular PS3. Gamers’ are going through a bit of a quandary at them moment, and it is easy to know why. Some like us loves the idea of a new console, while others would rather more titles come out at a faster rate for the one currently on the market.

The confliction between the two games will not go away, something that PS3 Articles knows only too well. The author is feeling a little bored with the PlayStation 3 at the moment, because there is a lack of exciting games so far this year. However, no doubt that he will feel some joy once some big titles gets released towards the end of the year. He did say he was looking forward to some exclusives, but we are certain that he will enjoy Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 and also Batman: Arkham City.

We don’t care how much passion you feel for the PS3, if Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 was coming next year you will let out a little cheer – not certain your bank account will though? The price will be a big influence, as some PS3 owners might feel that if the price it too high then it will be out of their league. Looking back to when the current PlayStation was released, it was the most expensive of all the consoles.

Sales of current games consoles are still very good, but not what they should be, and it is these constant rumors that’s the cause. It’s not that consumers do not have the funds; they just do not want to waste their money on a device that could become old technology next year.

Holding out for the PS4 or the Xbox 720 come to that matter is ludicrous, as you could be waiting another three years yet. If you knew that Apple might not release a new iPhone this year or next, you can rest assured that they would find another smartphone to fill the void. Now the technology in the PS3 is still more than up to the job, so they do not need to release a new model just it.

However, the worrying thing is, the Nintendo Wii U will be with us next year, and that could persuade consumers to give up on Sony and move over to the dark side – well white side to be exact.

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  • Nope I’m staying with Sony consoles now and the Wii U won’t stop me upgrading to PS4.

  • Araidrico

    ad re6 and mgs 5 or a reboot to ps3
    ps4 needs real long creative games thats y games suck now adays 

  • Matthew

    i have a ps3 but dont realy need for a ps4 ps3 already has everything possible what more can it get

  • Matthew

    i have a ps3 but dont realy need for a ps4 ps3 already has everything possible what more can it get

  • Raskilinov

    This article seems a little of a U-turn especially as this site and others that keeps giving rumours of an imminent release of PS4 weight. So not only confliction of PS3 & PS4 but also of the writers? 

    I don’t think the release of Wii-U is enough for MS or Sony to speed up current R&D efforts for new consoles for 2012/13 release dates. 
    I’m still relying on the only statement with any air of authority – Howard Stringer’s statement in that he made mention to expected release date of PS4 in 2015-16.