Battlefield 3 alpha tester in trouble for leaking gameplay videos

By Jamie Pert - Jul 27, 2011

Remember yesterday when we told you all about Battlefield 3 weapon customization and gun recoil? Well in this post we embedded some videos which were found on YouTube, it turns out that the person who uploaded these videos was not authorized to do this and has landed himself / herself in trouble with EA.

This news was revealed on DICE’S Global Battlefield Community Manager’s Twitter account (@zh1nt0), a tweet posted roughly 30 minutes ago simply said “musa920217 is going bye bye ;)” it turns out that this referred to the gamer who published these videos, so don’t be too surprised if they are removed from YouTube pretty soon. You can see a brief extract of a conversation we had with DICE’s community manager below, as you can see DICE are very unhappy that musa920217 ignored the alpha’s non-disclosure agreement. When you sign up to the Battlefield 3 alpha you have to agree terms and conditions, you can find out all about NDA’s here.

The videos which were submitted show off many aspects of the game, especially the weapon customization options, we were very impressed by the videos, despite some minor glitches and most people watched the videos said the same, however they have ruined a bit of the surprise surrounding the Modern Warfare 3 rival.

We are not sure what this means for musa920217, obviously we can confidently presume that his access to the game’s beta has been cut short, but we wonder whether any legal action will be taken. Let’s face it the leaked videos could potentially have a massive impact on game sales, that said we think that most of the revelations were positive, so we don’t think they made a negative impact. BF3 alpha videos shared on a certain YouTube channel have already racked up well over 200,000 views (combined) which is massive considering the fact that the videos first arrived on YouTube 3 days ago, the YourGamingTeam YouTube channel claims that they are allowed to upload BF3 alpha videos, we are not yet sure if this true, but it is a bold claim which we are investigating.

In the last few minutes we have heard that another Battlefield 3 alpha gamer has been also been punished for leaking Battlefield 3 videos on his YouTube channel, therefore if you was thinking of doing the same take this as a serious warning. These tweets revealed this news.

What do you think about ignorant gamers leaking alpha gameplay footage, do you think it has a massive impact on a game’s success or do you look past early alphas? Let us know in the comments section below.

We will update this post as we here more.

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  • EAsupporter

    EA is nice to give you a invite to test BF3 and you agree to their terms and condition. I can’t see the point in violating the agreement, no excuses or exceptions.

  • Legs9248

    i watched the videos of musa and other people and also got invited to join but same as black xino my laptop is only 4gb ram so wouldnt run it correctly, that said i want to watch the leaked vids more, ive been checking daily for weeks for more info than ea has released so they were a god send, if anything they have just made me want to get hands on with the game more. sure theres glitches and stuff but thats what alpha and beta tests are for, have been told im invited to beta test on ps3 and carnt wait

  • musa920217

    For EA’s and DICE’s sake I removed all my BF3 videos, next month we all going to play this nice game. My best regards to the guys who made this game.
    P.S I removed them to not to have more problems than I already gotten in to, EA didn’t ask me to do it, I uploaded my videos and I who removed them.
    EA, I’m sorry for what I did, and it was stupid of me to betray you. but I did my best to answer all your fans, and show that BF3 is a good game, and it is.
    Fans, this game will hit year’s seals like never seen before.

    There is DICE in all of us.
    bye bye 😉

  • EA are such publicity whores. These gamers are promoting your game for free. LET THEM.

  • Anonymous

    EA just invited me to the Alpha but too bad my sweet latop can’t run the game due to the requirement 4gb ram? wtf!?

    guess I won’t be testing it, give me the console version and I’ll be testing its ass anyday for you:)

    • Mike Covington

      At least you got an invite, I’ve got more than enough hardware to run it, with what I consider to be reasonably high Vet status (5), but still no invite for me. Guess I’m waiting til Beta swings around in the fall.