Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter IV: 2011 Title goes to which game?

By Alan Ng - Jul 25, 2011

If you consider yourself to be a fighting game fanatic, it’s fair to say that you have been treated to three of the finest titles in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat, all of which have released in one format or another in the space of a year.

Putting Marvel Vs Capcom 3 aside, we want to know which game gets your vote as the best of 2011 with regards to MK and SFIV as we believe they are ahead of MvC3 in terms of popularity and replayability. Many of you will feel that comparisons between the two are pointless as Street Fighter IV is the dominant fighter hands down, but those who have played the Mortal Kombat reboot won’t agree, as we can also concede that the new Mortal Kombat game is a classic trip down memory lane that we’re loving so far.

In terms of gameplay, opinions are going to be divided as both titles are obviously built on different engines and offer a unique fighting experience relevant to each respective franchise. In terms of which title is the more hardcore, you may argue that Street Fighter IV is the winner here, as it’s a game which is regularly at the centerpoint of tournaments around the world – EVO being a prime example. However, we heard recently that co-creator for the game Ed Boon is trying to get Mortal Kombat entered into future EVO tournaments, and we wouldn’t argue with their decision as the game does feature a pretty complex combo system, although definitely not as technical as the system featured in Street Fighter IV. Simple combos can be executed by pressing the same button three times in MK, but this isn’t possible in Street Fighter IV so we’d have to say that SFIV wins in this aspect.

If you are comparing one fighting game to another, then another aspect that has to be looked at in great detail is the online multiplayer mode. Once again, we have to say that Street Fighter IV has the superior online mode compared to MK, as the sync and lag problems in MK are pretty frequent, although we are pleased to see that NetherRealm Studios are improving on this aspect with every patch update for the game, so hopefully online mode will no longer be the weakest link of the game on an overall perspective.

Whether you enjoy throwing out hadoukens as Ryu or performing Scorpion’s harpoon move on MK, gameplay comparisons and arguments are always going to be debated on which is best so we can’t really come to a conclusion on this aspect. However, we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say about both titles, as we’re sure a lot of you own a copy of both Street Fighter IV and MK so you’re a in a position to give a good conclusion on both.

Is Street Fighter IV still the premium console fighter in your opinion, or has the recent release of Mortal Kombat changed your mind?

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  • Aue_j

    they’re both good for  their own reasons, Street Fighter is more balanced, Mortal Kombat is more about breaking the opponents defense & beating them to death till they can’t recover, but Mortal Kombat has a good system and better terms of fan service, though the additions in Super+AE more than warranted buying an updated copy

  • Blah

    Chevy to a Lexus. Gore vs Refinement. Brunt vs Precision. Cheap thrills vs Depth.

    How about an article on Lil B vs Kool G Rap next

  • Anonymous

    Mortal Kombat! SF is slow and boring…

  • and i camnt stand the fact that some people think story doesnt matter ah yeah it does im pretty sure if marvel vs capcom had a story in it it would have done way better and it would  be replayable for people who cant stand losing online to pros who spend their whole lives on the game

  • oh so becuz street fighter controls are fuking complicated makes it better as if if thats the case i say mortal kombat way easier to play damn at least in mortal kombat you dont have to do quarter circle like the speed of a cheetah

  • slammr28

    SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV Arcade Edition, Nuff Said, thumbs up!!!

  • please, as if MK had te depth of is all jugle and it has  a block button…story line doesnt matter in a fighting game…mk has more contenst, but thats for casuals…sf is hardcore…tighter, more fluid controls all the way…buffering, fadc’s…we pretty much have seen all mk has to offer, on sf, we are sitll finding out crazy shit…the hype is bigger on sf…AE is an amazing game, so much fun, better netcode, always full….mk get repetitive and boring and lets not even mention the fatalities, cause without them, the game would not survive…i give mk9 credit for finally coming back, and their next installment should be great, but as a game in terms of gameplay, fluidity and tactically and strategically, the award goes to sf hands down…

    • get out of here stoyline does matter everyone knows every good game needs a a good story line wheter its shooter fighter or anything the only time a story doesnt matter is online 

      • Luke Silve

        You say that as if mortal kombat has a good storyline! Also sf does have a good story not shown much in the games but if watch the animes you’ll see

      • Luke Silve

        You say that as if mortal kombat has a good storyline! Also sf does have a good story not shown much in the games but if watch the animes you’ll see

      • Luke Silve

        You say that as if mortal kombat has a good storyline! Also sf does have a good story not shown much in the games but if watch the animes you’ll see

  • Anonymous

    obviously Mortal Kombat

  • WITHOUT QUESTION, Mortal Kombat.