Kyocera Echo 2 design idea consensus: Changes needed

By Peter Chubb - Jul 25, 2011

The Kyocera Echo was never going to be one of those phones that we fell in love with from the start; the reason for this was because it was different. This can be a good thing for some brands, such as Apple and Motorola, but not when you are a for a smaller phone maker. With rumors of an Echo 2 coming we have been looking at a few design ideas, and there seems to be a consensus.

The current design looks a little dated in our eyes, as it has squared edges, and we know how much consumer’s love rounded edges now. It was a shock that Sprint took Kyocera up on the phone, but it did show that they were willing to offer their customers something a little different. Some will say that they love the form factor, whereas others believe that it needs to be changed. However, they must be on to something with a dual-screen, because Sony is to use it for their S2 device, which is AT&T bound.

It is of no surprise to us that sales have been a little lack lustier for the Echo, but we need to point out just how tough the handset is. First impressions would suggest that the phone would break easily, but you would be wrong, as the video explains below. We were shocked at just how much abuse this phone can take; we just hope that this robust design passes on to its predecessor?

Some Engadget readers say that the phone should never have been made in the first place, and that Kyocera shouldn’t even think of a new model. The carrier is another issue, saying that the handset might have better success if it was released on A&T or Verizon – well this not help the ill-fated Microsoft Kin One and Two did it? However, having a GSM version would have been a great advantage.

Kyocera needs to offer a next-gen Snapdragon processor, along with Gingerbread and an EVO style design. Both screens will need to be increased to make them worthwhile. By reducing the bezel and case you could have larger screens without making the phone larger itself – maybe even reducing it a little. However, by doing so you may lose some of that toughness.

The biggest issue is with the hinge, because the way it works you cannot maintain a constant touch from one screen to another, this will need to be rectified in the Kyocera Echo 2 – if it ever gets made. What would you change?

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  • YEAH

    I loved the echo. It was, however, too slow even for its time. Pray for a new one.

  • Brainyjoke

    the dual screen is a great idea. they just need to make the screens larger some how and make more apps compatible with the dual screens.

  • Wbranch

    Hi I really like the echo and android. I was a windows 6.5 on Touch pro 2 user but I wish Kyocera would do a two. Kyocera’s design and implementation was point on, yes the phone has its kinks but overall it’s a great phone people still are amazed when I pull it out. Kyocera is a company to watch

  • Mike

    I have the Echo, and I have to say that the dual screen design is amazing. I’m actually surprised that Apple and others have not gone in this direction. Yes, it’s a bit thicker than an iPhone, but not that much considering that, when you fold out the dual screens, the phone becomes like a mini tablet.

    And yes, it is a touch phone. It almost feels like it is made of gunmetal, and has a nice heavy feel in the hand.

    The big problem with this phone? Easy — it’s an Android! It crashes constantly! The music player crashes all the time! The camera crashes. The video crashes. All of this makes the phone totally SUCK. The design is great, just not the performance. That’s why I’d love to see a dual screened iPhone.

  • LordElfo

    Would be great if this phone were GSM… the idea of 2 screen is amazing….

  • chris

    dual core procceser, a longer battery life when in tablet mode, and maybe a better (higher resolution screen). So Basiclly make it faster and more useably, because i am a heavy phone user. And make the web and apps make use all the pixels, instead of that cropped page look. thanks for reading my advice.

  • yiannako

    What do u mean can’t retain a constant touch from one screen to the other? Somethings wrong with your echo then

  • Lima

    On my Echo at least, touch can be maintained from one screen to another

  • HurleyGirl68

    Dual cameras are needed. If it had dual cameras, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Lschow01

    I have the handset and I have to say I love it. What I would like to see changed is the earpiece location. It is not centered, so when I talk I can only use it in my left hand. This is the best way that I can hear. Maybe a louder speaker if possible, I listen to a lot of music and the sound is not that great. Maybe on the next Echo, make the screens bigger. Try to get as close to the hinge as possible, so that you can have that continuous touchscreen flow. But other than that, I like the texting with the dual screens, you have a pretty big keypad and everything is at your thumbs. It flows so well when typing. Also, lets see if we can get a front facing camera, I thought it had one when I got the phone. Somewhat disappointed, but that’s why you comeback with the Echo 2.