HP work with Apple to ensure OS X 10.7 Lion peripheral driver support

By Jamie Pert - Jul 22, 2011

Prior to the release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion we wondered whether this OS version would have similar problems to Snow Leopard when it comes to HP printer support, we spoke about our worries here and since then we have only seen reports of a few isolated problems. An email we received from someone who works with HP’s Mac-Connect team has confirmed that printer compatibility with OS X Lion should be much better than last time around.

According to the email HP has been working closely with Apple to ensure that more than 1,300 printers will be supported by Lion, we are also assured that there will be scan driver support for most modern all-in-ones. If you have installed Mac OS X 10.7 Lion only to notice that your printer no longer works you should open up Apple Software Update, your Mac should then locate and download latest scan, print and utility software.

Over the years HP has released hundreds, if not thousands of printers, therefore don’t be surprised if some of you experience problems with particular models. If you are experiencing problems you should head over to the Mac Print / Scan section of the HP forums, here you should get some help with any issues which you have encountered.

As previously mentioned there are bound to be some compatibility problems, however it is nice to see that HP and Apple are taking support for peripherals more seriously than they did last time around, you may find that one of Lion’s first major software updates resolves some compatible problems which currently exist, but this could be weeks away.

If you have no luck on the HP Forums you should perhaps speak to one of HP’s Mac Experts over at HP support, they should have great knowledge about unsupported devices and either point you in the direction of a fix or tell you that a new printer purchase is the answer. If you are struggling with wireless printing HP.com/wirelessprinting may be able to assist you.

For those of you who have installed Mac OS X Lion only to find that your HP device is no longer supported we would love to hear from you, please leave us a comment below telling us which printer / scanner you have and exactly what problems you are having. Comments in our previous post suggest that there may be issues with the HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw, HP PSC 1315 and HP Deskjet 3050A all in one. Also some people are suggesting that your are prompted for a username / password when connecting to a networked printer which wasn’t required before the update.

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  • Paquita

    Also the scanner no longer worked and I had to buy a scanning system (VueScan) as needed scanner urgently. Clearly HP have not bothered to upgrade some printers which are now incompatible with new apple computers. Terrible.

  • Paquita

    I cannot clean printer heads (the ink has become very faint even though plenty of ink in cartridge) as there is no longer a printer utility function for my HP Photosmart premium C410 with my new Macmini 10.10.2 C410 so basically I have a printer which is useless now.

  • jdufour39

    I am having trouble, due to Lion, with the HP LaserJet 1300n. When I attempt to load the drivers and print, the print window says that the “printer is busy”

  • Michael625

    Mac support for HP printers/scanners just sucks!!!! I won’t be buying HP anymore.

  • Vilmarci

    Scanjet 4570c, the original app for the scanner is a PowerPC application, won’t run under Lion.

  • Jake

    My c4680 prints fine but won’t scan.

  • Juergen Mrowka

    Fax on a Photosmart C410 does not work with OSX Lion

    Jottem (Germany)

  • Hvoskamp

    just bought new mac version 10.7 and hp c410 and the software is not compatible

  • HelenD

    Officejet G85 not working so hesitating to upgrade my iMac to mac os 10.7

  • g85fan

    I can’t find a working driver for my officejet G85 since a bought my new mac with mac os x 10.7.2 🙁

  • Cher

    HP photosmart c4680. Printer works but scanner doesn’t.

  • Iooono

    unable to print wirelessly with my C4680 and Lion 10.7

    • Peobear15

      I can not either. Can get it to work one day and next day it will not print. It tells me it is not connected.

  • Ruby

    HP photosmart c4680 :((( im a college student and this really sucks

  • Hgetto

    Lion is not working with HP Color laser jet 1600 … tried Gutenprint and installs, prints, but nothing comes out of printer

    • Federico

      have you find a solution yet, I have the same problem 🙁

  • Art

    Even though HP states that it is supported, I can’t get my HP 2100TN to print with Lion – I can install the printer, but adding a print job to the queue returns a message “Unable to update printer” and nothing prints. 

  • Sal

    Installed Lion on my iMac and MacBookPro. Now the scan function has disappeared.  Tried reloading Lion a 2nd time as well as deleting and reinstalling the HP c7280 drivers.  No joy.

  • Sal

    Installed Lion on my iMac and MacBookPro. Now the scan function has disappeared.  Tried reloading Lion a 2nd time as well as deleting and reinstalling the HP c7280 drivers.  No joy.

  • Lvantell

    My scanner on my HP Officejet 4500 Model G510 g does not work with my new Mac OS X Version 10.7.2 Lion.  My system scans for updates but says everything is updated.  How do I get my scanner to work?
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  • Paolacampo

    I am having real and big problems between my new IMac with Mac oS x 10.6.8 and my wonderful HP PSC 1315 (7 years old en perfect condition).The printer scans, photocopies but it doesn´t print documents from the computer.  
    Please Help.
    Thank you very much

  • Mike

    Utterly disgusted. Bought a brand new Laserjet p1102w today
    Windows recognised hardware and had it configured wirelessly in seconds. Spent the rest of the day trying to get it running on my Mac (Lion 10.7.1) to no avail. 
    Pathetic HP and Apple!

  • AD

    Waste of Time! I’m now lumbered with an HP Laserjet Pro 100 which is useless to me, and it wasn’t cheap either! Surely Apple should have had the decency to tell us this is not compatible with OS X Lion 10.7.1

  • Nor’easter

    I’ve tried downloading all the recommended drivers and the G85 still is a nonfunctional all in one. The G85 is in perfect condition and I am hard pressed to just throw it away.  Is there a means to contact HP directly and plea bargain for them to offer working drivers????

  • M_oxlade

    Have recently purchase a Mac Book Pro with Lion installed and upgrade an existing MACBOOK Pro to LION. Neither machine can see the existing HP P1102W wireless printer. NOT IMPRESSED.

  • Scott

    Office Jet G85 does not work with Lion AND there are NO drivers to support the new OS.  I note several others have had issues as well.  Any new work arounds???

  • Photosmart C4680 (ex?)user

    My Photosmart C4680 is not being recognized by my Imac after a Lion upgrade.  Trying to initiate a scan from the computer, I get a message that the printer could not be initialized.

  • Lamprecht M

    My HP3050 Laserjet is not working with MAC OSX Lion.  The scan function particularly is not working.  It does print.  How do I fix it?

  • EAS

    My HP 7280 all in one printer no longer prints in color when I switched to Mac OS for Lion. Please help me resolve.

  • Tennesseedutchboy


    I have a HP C-309 photo-smart printer. Now useless after I updated to LION. I’m very disappointed to hear that Apple released the LION software with so many HP printers not working 100%. Reminds me of the old Windows days, just twice as expensive.

    • Acuteuke

      If you remove and update the software for your HP c-309 it will work fine. Print and scan. I have a New MBP with a HPC309 and it works fine. Frustrating until i got it working though

    • Acuteuke

      If you remove and update the software for your HP c-309 it will work fine. Print and scan. I have a New MBP with a HPC309 and it works fine. Frustrating until i got it working though

  • Guest

    my 8500a is pretty useless after updating to Lion.  What a piece of cr@p

  • Mathias

    Hey there, we have an HP G85 which became useless after we updated to OS XLion. 

    • Drsaz

      The new HP driver update that came out last wek does not make any difference for the G85 with Lion.  I’ve searched other posts and sites – rec’d other HP drivers (desk jet 6940 was one suggested) – no dice.  Still waiting a little longer for some brainiac to come out of the woodwork with a workaround, rather than dump my otherwise perfectly good G85 for a new machine.

  • Monty

    I have a HP Photosmart C4680 and since I installed OS X Lion it no longer functions properly. It goes from scanning to insert memory stick for no reason. I can not leave the printer on.

  • Mike Brown

    I have installed Lion and both my HP wireless printers are not working. I have a HP Photosmart Premium C309a and an HP Photosmart C7280. I get messages that they are offline.

  • Ronald

    We have an HP Photosmart C4680 and it now does not work with the new osx lion.  It prints pages we haven’t asked for or gives us a blank sheet.

  • Jean-Francois Lalande

    Photosmart C4580 working in Wifi mode, printer ok but scanner doesn’t work anymore

  • Ianp0512

    OfficeJet G85 was flaky at scanning in 10.6 but would do it if I reloaded it every time and would always print – in 10.7 it doesn’t do anything.

  • Ap Stout

    After upgrading to OSX Lion, it cannot find my wireless HP Photosmart 4580 (“C4500 series” ) after a restart.
    HP Utility works fine, it finds the printer and reports the product status.
    After connecting the printer with USB cable and reinstalling the drivers it all works fine (also through WiFi).
    . . . . .until an OSX restart

  • Jennielacour

    HP Photosmart D110 Series won’t print through wireless connection after I upgraded to Lion.

  • KG3066

    HP J4680 series not working with Lion by wireless connection

  • KG3066

    HP J4680 series not working with Lion by wireless connection

  • Drsaz

    My G85 all-in-one will not print with Lion 10.7.  I’ve tried reloading software, Gutenprint update, generic PCL driver.  Any ideas out there?

  • Anonymous

    I installed Lion 2 days ago on an iMAC and wired prinytng to my HP Officejet Pro 8500a seemed to be OK. I also have a Mac Book Pro that still runs OS/X 10.6.8.
    Now my Lion machine cannot see the printer and my Snow Leopard works fine.
    HP’s diagnostic software only works on Windows.

  • Ehsan Ghaderi

    I have problem with my HP Deskjet 3050. Does anybody have a solution(driver) or should i contact the HP support?

  • Alison Townley

    My office jet 6500 has printed wirelessly until I just installed lion OSX 10.7. Any suggestions, please?

  • Anonymous

    hi just bought an hp office jet 8500a plus ,but cd rom won’t work with osx lion 10.7, any solutions ? Please Help