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Thunderbolt hard drive news: Lacie, Seagate and Promise Pegasus

Back on February 24, 2011 Apple launched their new MacBook Pro, and with it came a new interface, Thunderbolt. Since then there has not been that much support for the device, but now there are a number of hard drives on the market, along with a one or two other accessories, which is just in time since the recent launches of the new iMac, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

The new interface will be used for more than just connecting hard drives, but we will take what is handed to us for now. The likes of Lacie, Seagate and Promise Pegasus all have products to go with these Apple devices, which will offer unparalleled speed and transfer rates.

The first hard drive on our list is the LaCie Little Big Disk; this is the first in a long line of upcoming storage devices from the brand to offer Thunderbolt support. You will be able to transfer music, photos and files at 10Gb/s, and you have the ability to daisy-chain up to 6 peripherals. This particular model has been designed by Neil Poulton and sports an aluminum design. has more on this.

Seagate is the worry here, as we assumed that they would offer Thunderbolt support, but they have let us down. However, they do have an adaptor that will connect a GoFlex Ultra-portable Drive to allow you to connect it to your new Mac We just hope that Seagate release a hard drive with full Thunderbolt support soon, or their rivals will leave them behind with this latest technology.

On the Apple Store you will see four Promise Pegasus RAID systems. The first is the Promise Pegasus R4 4TB and comes at a cost of just $999. Next is the Promise Pegasus R4 8TB, this will set you back $1499. The Promise Pegasus R6 6TB will also cost you the same price. Finally we have the Promise Pegasus R6 12TB, but you will need to brace yourself, as you will have to part with $1999 in order to get your hands on this RAID system.

To connect these to your Mac with Thunderbolt support you will need to purchase the Apple Thunderbolt cable, which will cost $49. Like we said accessories are still a little scarce, but there is now the 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display. The price of this is $999, but for $700 you can have a 27-inch iMac.



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