HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread update, timeline of pain

By Peter Chubb - Jul 21, 2011

The whole HTC ThunderBolt Gingerbread update has been an ongoing issue for sometime now, due to the fact that other Android handsets seems to be getting preferential treatment. ThunderBolt has been missing out at every turn, but could an update finally be on the cards? Having looked on Verizon’s Twitter page there are no signs of an update soon, but they did say that when once ready it will be pushed out – tell us something we don’t know.

You have to wonder what is the problem here, it’s as if Verizon and HTC have it in for the ThunderBolt, why else would they keep letting Gingerbread slip past while going from one Android handset to another? The latest smartphone to get this update is the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, which went live yesterday. Seems like July 20, 2011 was big release day, as Apple released Mac OS X Lion, MacBook Air and the Mac Mini.

We thought we would offer to you what we now call the “ThunderBolt Gingerbread update, timeline of pain.” Back on June 21st we were told to expect the latest update on June 30th, and while it did get an update it was still Froyo – much to the annoyance of ThunderBolt owners. The next nail in the coffin was when the Motorola Droid Incredible received the update, which does seem a little unfair, as it is an older phone.

In a way to make up for the lack of support, we offered you details that HTC’s “Black Sheep” handset was now getting Hulu Plus support. However, it was not long before owners started to ask questions about their Android update once again. The next phone to get the update was the Droid 3, but as this was a newer phone we understood why it was getting the update.

Knowing who is to blame for this issue may never be answered, but we know that users are now starting to get angry and feel a little pushed out. While looking on Twitter, we can see that some are even considering rotting the ThunderBolt to get Gingerbread. However, they do worry that the moment that they do so the Android 2.3.4 OTA will go live.

Some of the tweets do show resentment to other handsets, but also to the fact that their dream phone is running on year old software. With more phones heading to Verizon over the next month or so, the ThunderBolt will begin to look its age, unless it gets Gingerbread that is.

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  • Antwan Houston

    It’s funny how HTC/Verizon are having trouble making a 2.3 gingerbread compatibility update, when obviously there are just trying to make the phone more jailhouse rock to verizon’s specs. There are video’s all on youtube of gingerbread running on thunderbolt flawlessly, yet they still have issues! I’m paying $130.00+ a month for a 3-4 hour draining battery. Verizon is about to lose a lot of customer’s after this Thunderbolt contract runs out. There greed will be there downfall in the end for not putting there customers first since it’s our money we pay them for quality service.

  • Carpenter Paul

    Gotta say, my experience of Android with this HTC phone has been very sad. It was an experiment for me, but either the phone or the software, or both, are rubbish. Very poor connectivity when moving (e.g.) in a train during my commute, random software issues, bloatware, and crappy battery life, all conspire to make the VZW experience, which I was looking forward to having, a very poor one. Should have gone with an iPhone…

  • I’m pretty sure Motorola does not make the Droid Incredible…

  • I am seriously getting really annoyed with Verizon and HTC with not informing us where Gingerbread is or how much longer we will have to wait. We have waited so long for it and now our phones are getting pretty boring.  I have downloaded a new keyboard and I look online every day to see if there is any new leads to when the Gingerbread update will come out. I am just getting furious I wish I would have waited and just let my mom update her phone and waited a year and then I could have got a sweet phone…

    • dude im with you, its really irritating cause the tbolt was supposed to be the baddest mofo around, and its getting knocked the eff out! we are getting screwed, if i had known we were gonna get the runaround like this, i would have waited as well. Just remember, when you finally see that available update on your piece, its gonna feel like christmas morning!! haha

      • well at the rate that the updates have been coming out and since we haven’t even heard any news on when gingerbread will be released so for all we know it could have to wait until Christmas for Gingerbread…If we do I would probably just ask for a full refund by the end of August.  Because so many people are having problems I might as well get my refund too and that droid bionic looks like a BEAST!!

        • jason Gago

          just ROOT your phone, then you can get any update you want! You get better support from some pimple faced 18 yr old developer then corporate.

        • I upgraded from an Eris, i attempted to root it when i got the TB, yeah…. didnt end well. I wouldnt begin to know how to root the TB, or even know who to give it to to have it done. Any advise?