Battlefield 3: New gameplay proves dominance over Modern Warfare 3

By Alan Ng - Jul 21, 2011

It has been a while since we last saw any new gameplay footage for the highly anticipated Battlefield 3, but we’re pleased to say that a new video has emerged online, showing gameplay from an alpha multiplayer test that is currently ongoing.

We’re not sure how this video has managed to creep online, especially since it’s over 7 minutes long and shows nothing but pure gameplay action. This particular video shows footage from the Operation Metro map, in which players can choose to take battle either on the ground in a huge park, or underground inside the rail station.

Our first impressions of this video is simply wow. We knew Battlefield 3 was looking really impressive from a graphical point of view but this is the first time we’ve seen detailed mulitplayer footage running seamlessly. We’re not sure if this is the PC or console version, but the important thing to remember here is that this is just an alpha build of the game – imagine how crisp it is going to look once the final retail version hits stores this October.

During the video we see a bit of everything, rifle action, some stealthy knife kills and even some sniper gameplay as well, so it probably is the best gameplay video we’ve seen so far for Battlefield 3. The footage is available in 1080p and probably won’t be online for long unless EA DICE decide to release it, so check it out below while you still can.

Obviously, a lot of comparisons with Modern Warfare 3 have already been made with both titles, but based on the new gameplay footage, Battlefield 3 is easily going to be the best looking title out of the two in terms of graphics. As for gameplay, this will come down to personal opinion, but this video alone is probably going to earn EA a few more sales from those who were previously set on picking up Activision’s title.

Has Activision finally met a true competitor to the first person shooter title crown in Battlefield 3? Sales may dictate the overall battle between these two juggernaut titles, but if gamers had to pick between MW3 and BF3 in terms of which game is going to be more popular in a direct contest, we’re inclined to say Battlefield 3 may be the victor this time around, as it really looks ten times as better than Bad Company 2 in all aspects.

How impressed are you with how Battlefield 3 is shaping up based on this alpha video. Will you be picking up Battlefield 3 or is Modern Warfare 3 still the number one FPS in your eyes?

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  • Nomznom

    Its 1080p footage but your not sure if its from the pc or console????

    WTF really? despite consoles cant do full 1080p?
    Despite theres text chat in the top right corner?
    Despite the “smooth” mouse play
    Despite the total lack of “press X” “press A” noob instructions.

    Oh and battlefield games have allways been the king of shooters, it’s just for the past few years the consoles have been holding the technological advancement back, so thank god for dice, and thank god for BF3 (even if the current alpha feels more like BFBC3 atm).

  • Raskilinov

    Hi Alan, 

    These aren’t leaked. 
    DICE offered a select few PC players (some where chosen at random, others hand picked) a chance to play the pre-alpha BF3 from home. 

    Nonetheless they do show off some great footage, and I’m glad one of them managed to capture some gameplay via FRAPS.

    To answer your question, still a very much resounding yes for BF3. 

  • I got a 2028$ pc lined up and ready to order as soon as my secondairy car sells.

    This is all in preperation for battlefield 3, My current pc can probably run battlefield 3 but on low detail.

    The current has a Geforce 285GTX 1gb, 6gb ddr2 1066 ram, 2.4Ghz quad processor, Asus rampage 2 motherboard, X-fi sound blaster fatal1ty pro gamer edition, G500 mouse,G5 keyboard.

    This was top of the line when it came out and I have a hard time running BFBC2 on low! so maybe I cant even run bf3 lol

  • i don’t see anything different here

  • Anonymous

    I’m buying a 1500$ computer just to run this game, this is gonna be freaking awesome

  • jswalker95

    ong. major looks amazing

  • This is PC. You can tell because at some points of gameplay in many videos, it asks to hit a button like “Hold [R] to pick up gun”