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Trouble for iPhone 5 with Galaxy R and S II, so Samsung say

We seem a little confused here, as the Samsung Galaxy S II is still not out in the US, (although there have been sightings) and already the UK looks to be getting yet another version. We already know that they have the S II, which some of you may know as the S2, and now we hear that those of you in the UK will be getting a Galaxy R as well. If this does in fact turn out to be true, then you can be sure that the iPhone 5 will come under added pressure.

There is no denying how much of a great phone the Galaxy S II is, and it is for that very reason that Samsung want to release a version that will appeal to those with a lower budget. There had been rumors of the Galaxy Z, but as we already knew that it was not coming to the UK it was inevitable that Sammy would offer something for the UK market. There has also been a recent software update, which has vastly improved the handset.

The UK has been a kind of a testing ground for Samsung with their S II, and they must like what they see if they are thinking of yet another slightly less feature packed model? CNET is not certain what the R stands for, but we can be certain that UK consumers will have a few ideas. This handset could be the best that Samsung have released do date, as the specs do not seem that bad on the face of it.

Some of the specs that we are likely to see on this rumored handset include a 4.2-inch Super LCD screen, which is a little different to the one on the S II. The one feature that could allow the R to become a big hit is its processor, as Samsung is said to still be sticking with a dual-core. How many phone makers offer a handset with lower end features than their flagship model and still squeeze in a powerhouse of a CPU?

There are key differences with the R though, and the first is with the design. However, it will not be until you pick the smartphone up that you learn where the real change is. The handset will be a little heavier than the S II, which to some is seen as a blessing. The S II is a fantastic model, but we have heard from many readers that they are not impressed with how light and fragile it is.

It seems as though Samsung are going down the Omnia 7 and Wave route and adding a metallic back to give the R a more solid feel. The one issue that we can see is with the camera, as this cheaper model will have three less megapixels. On the whole that is a small price to pay, you will still be getting a more than capable handset with the Samsung Galaxy R, which is rumored to be coming this month – bit strange how we have not heard anything official yet?



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