Redeem problems for Mac OS X Lion: Solution

By Peter Chubb - Jul 20, 2011

There are thousands of you out there like me who purchased a new Mac device between June 6, 2011 and July 20, 2011, and were wondering what you have to do to get your copy of Mac OS X Lion for free? The way to get this is through Apple’s “Up-to-date Program,” which once done will give you a redeem code.

The steps are pretty simple; if you have a qualifying computer then you need to add a few details in here. You will see a series of dropdown boxes, these are as follows: qualifying system type, date of purchase, serial number, which can be found by pressing the Apple button at the top left of the desktop and then clicking “About this Mac” and then “More info.”

The next step is the place where you purchased your Mac and finally the City and State. Once you have done this you will then be asked to sign in with your Apple ID, then all you have to do is select purchase – do not worry, as the price will show up as free or zero. You will need to copy your content code and then proceed to the Mac App Store.

This was where things get a little complicated. You will be advised in the email to look for Redeem in the quick links on the right, but for some reason this did not show up for me. This then forced me to press install, which then asked me to sign in, which I did do. It was from that moment that the new OS starts to download, which meant that I had been charged.

Now the funny thing was, after this issue happened on my iMac I then did the same process on my MacBook Air, and noticed that the redeem link showed on the right. So was it just be not seeing it correctly or was it not there in the first place?

Knowing that my account had just been debited, the next step was to contact Apple support. After explaining what had happened it was about an hour or so later that they contacted me back. This is where Apple comes into their own, as previous experiences with their support center have been positive. Thankfully they told me that my card would be credited with the full amount.

We would like to know if you have had a redeem problem with updating to Mac OS X Lion, and if you were able to resolve it as quick as I did?

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  • Carl

    No it’s simply not working! Period.

    Been trying for 3 days now – nothing happens and the nice and friendly support desk here is a little bit baffled about it too. When searching around the main problem seems to be the computers bought on Apple Store (slice of irony it self).

    And there’s an incositancy in the form… If you fill in everything but City, State/Country – the serial pass = ok, but form errors are given about the city, country … of course. Once they’re filled out the serial fails. In my case in both versions you can apply (short + long form).

    If the serial would be missing it shouldn’t pass when skipping other fileds.
    Question is what do they really want us to write in the city, country fields when you buy the computer online … In my case, bought it over phone – Apple Online Store here (Sweden) is located in Ireland.

    Suport said at my first call it could take up too a week to get it confirmed or even looked at.
    This is a nightmare for me!!!

    And it’s very unprofessional of Apple (no blame on the hardworking nice support people) to rely on just this form… It’s one thing if a form doesn’t work, but if support are able to see my serial and tells me I’m good for this (3 day old computer) upgrade . they should be able to manually give me the code and/or put the download link in my App Store… but they can’t.

    So here I am stuck on my old G4 with the old standard 16MB graphic card.

  • Mine worked perfectly.Went through the steps online and placed an order of £0. Then i put the content code in and bam, free Lion on my 11inch MacBook Air! It works like a dream! 

  • Mine worked perfectly.Went through the steps online and placed an order of £0. Then i put the content code in and bam, free Lion on my 11inch MacBook Air! It works like a dream! 

  • Mine did this and only went to the purchase of $0. It never showed me a content code but rather sent me back to the online apple store. Did i do something wrong?

    • i went through the process again and this time it took me to a place my order and gave me a content code. 🙂