Reasons why you should ditch Facebook for Google+

By Gary Johnson - Jul 20, 2011

Google + has been with us for a few weeks now and here on Product-Reviews we like what we see so far. Recently we ran a poll asking if you left Facebook with most people saying they use both, but would this be the case if more of your friends were on Google+? Today we are looking at reasons why you should ditch Facebook for Google+.

Despite Facebook having many satisfied users, there are some that say the site doesn’t deliver a worthwhile experience any longer. But some users consider it the site to be on because of its size, and all their friends are on there. Don Reisinger of has listed some reasons why switching to Google+ is not a bad move.

For one Facebook has some history with privacy troubles and has come under attack for allowing too much data being available to the public. They did address this issue and made it easier for users to keep personal information private. There have been numerous scams appearing on user’s news feeds tempting them to click on something in an attempt to share other personal data.

One of the great features of Google+ is the Circles feature, which allows users to decide who they want to see certain content. With Google+ the user decides who goes into which circle, and can pick what circles will see content to be shared. With Facebook it’s difficult to share content with select people, unless you private message them anyone of your friends can see what you put on your wall.

Another great feature of Google+ is Data Liberation; this is where users can download all of their Google content to their PC. It means that the user actually owns that content unlike on Facebook. Not long after Google+ was launched Facebook announced its new Skype video calling service. But compared to video calling on Google+ its miles behind. The Hangouts feature lets you have video chats with up to ten people at once for free.

The new service allows users to simply go to Gmail, Google News, and other services making it more than a social network. Users of the site have to display their real names which is different from Facebook and Twitter, and help to have more legitimate content.

Google+ allows users to decide who they want to share content with by assigning their ‘network visibility’. Users can also get real news by using the Sparks feature, this is where they can put in a topic that interests them and get information related to it.

Many people will decide to stick with Facebook and use what they already know, but having a major rival could mean that Facebook up their game which in the long run will benefit users of both sites. Are you considering trying Google+?

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  • Brandon Hawkins

    I don’t have an invite just yet, but I don’t think I’ll switch to Google+ because all my other friends are on Facebook and they are not smart enough to explore the web like how I can. 😉 I am 15, can explore the web without many complications, whereas my most of my friends, same age or a year younger, lack the ability to do so. I only have a limited number of friends that can do this, mostly a year younger, but rarely the ones my age. When G+ comes out of Beta, I am going to (not literally) force all my friends to join G+.

  • Akshita Vibhakar

    Already started using google+, not sure about facebook users quitting facebook, it’l take time to face a 750 million strong rival. Skype may face some serious problems due to hangouts though. So far, loving google+.