BF3 Vs MW3: Depth, maturity and personal taste

By Peter Chubb - Jul 20, 2011

Later this year FPS enthusiasts will have to split their time between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – well apart from those who are loyal to each franchise. Choosing between BF3 and MW3 will be very difficult, as it all comes down to different tastes. The way to choose either game is down to its depth, maturity and that all-important personal taste. Once you know what they are then you can make that choice – but nothing stops you having both.

There will always be a fight with these two franchises, but why does there have to be, although when they are competing in the same genre it is to be expected. You may think that because the two games are in that same genre that they would be very similar, but Patrick Bach from DICE has been telling CVG that the two are chalk and cheese.

There have been a few graphic concerns, but CVG has said by what they have been allowed to play so far seems very impressive. We have to remember that it is not always about the graphics, this was evident last year with Black Ops. However, we expect DICE to make vast improvements from now until the release of Battlefield 3. If they do hope to battle Modern Warfare 3 then it will need to be impressive, as we know that MW games have always had the better graphics from the Call of Duty franchise.

Battlefield 3 is said to have more content than ever, meaning bigger battles, explosions and more. Dice along with Activision and Co are not trying to outdo each other – well in some ways they are – but trying to compete with themselves. With each new version come new challenges, which are to improve what they have done before.

Modern Warfare 3 also has that issue, yes the previous version was great graphics wise and Black Ops was superb with its playability, so the new game has to improve in both of these areas. Fans of the franchise must like what they have seen so far, as pre-order sales have set new records in the UK.

We would like to know what you look for in these new games, and are they different for each franchise. Maybe you find the graphics more important on one rather than the other, and vice versa when it comes to the story and campaigns?

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  • definitely the battlefield title for PC.COD is fun with multiplayer, put the single player is essentially WALKING IN A LINE WATCHING CUT SCENES.  battlefield is far more realistic with it’s destructible environments. there is nothing more pleasing then getting killed by a sniper in a building, then bringing it down on their heads. i also gave up on consoles, with hardware problems and high prices. my gaming PC cost the same as a ps3, but looks ten times better.

  • I like the experience Battlefield games give me. As the title suggests, it really does feel like your on a battlefield during multiplayer matches.  Helicopters, Jets, Tanks, Humvees, APCs etc. (all driven by other players) zoom around you in a chaotic battle.  So often do the hairs stand up on the back of my neck during a match.. COD, on the other hand, feels so restrictive and limited in comparison. Running around tiny corridor maps getting kills or getting killed every 5-15 seconds..