Latest news on upcoming Verizon phones

By Gary Johnson - Jul 19, 2011

While we wait for the release of the next iPhone, the constant stream of new Android handsets becoming available continues. Today we have an article looking at the latest news on upcoming Verizon phones.

Fans of the Android platform are becoming spoilt for choice as many desirable new handsets are being launched or are in the pipeline. There are many of you waiting to get your hands on the Motorola Droid Bionic which is exclusive to Verizon. The handset was delayed by Motorola to make improvements to it, but the company has recently allowed interested users to sign up for news of the handset so a release date must be imminent.

We recently reported on images that may be the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy SII, which looks similar to the Epic 4G. Of course we couldn’t talk about upcoming Verizon handsets without mentioning the iPhone 5. The handset is thought to be coming around September but there has been much speculation of even two devices being launched.

Whatever form the iPhone 5 does take it will have many Verizon customers wanting it. When the iPhone 4 launched on the network many potential customers decided to wait for the iPhone 5. At the time it was thought the new iPhone would launch as usual in June, which was only a few months away.

This obviously came and went without any device being announced by Apple, but reports of a September release quickly surfaced. This will mean there are still many Verizon customers holding back from upgrading until they know what the iPhone 5 will bring. But for those who don’t want the iPhone the Droid Bionic will probably be the device for them.

The Bionic will support Verizon’s 4G LTE network and is powered by a 1GHz dual core processor. If the device can conquer the battery life of the HTC Thunderbolt it could be the iPhone 5s biggest rival. Plus it is not thought the iPhone 5 will support LTE this time round. Some consumers won’t be bothered about this, but to many it will be an important feature of the Bionic.

BlackBerry fans will catered for with the release of the Bold 9930 which is expected anytime soon. The handset has got FCC approval and will come with a 1.2 GHz processor. It is expected to launch with BlackBerry OS 7 and also has a 5-megapixel camera.

Which Verizon handset will you be looking to get this year?

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  • While we wait for the release of the iPhone?  Not everyone is waiting for the release of that phone.  Just those of you assimilated by the Apple empire.  The Borg haven’t gotten me yet.  LOL!!  There are a lot of us waiting for a dual core or better, qHD display, 8MP 1080P camera, 4G LTE phone.  Doesn’t seem like anyone can deliver such a device yet.  The wait continues…       

    • Alun Stern

      droid bionic will have those feature

    • Alun Stern

      droid bionic will have those feature

  • Basically, I really like the HTC Sense UI. I’ve played with other styles of phones and can’t stand them. I’ve heard too many complaints of lock-ups which I simply don’t get with my phone. I was shocked at the Droid 2 and how unstable simple features were even with reboots. I just picked up the Droid Incredible 2 for my wife and it works just as good as my Droid Incredible. If they come up with one with better quality pictures for low light situations, a bit better CCD for the camcorder, and better battery life, that is about all I could ask for. Otherwise, my Droid Incredible and my wife’s Droid Incredible 2 are pretty much flawless.