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iPod doesn’t have the glamour for iOS 5 release, iPhone 5 does

The iPod is normally due each September, but with iOS 5 coming at this time does the iPod have enough glamour to be the launch pad for iOS 5? We think not, it will take something much more like the iPhone 5. There have been rumors in the past that a new iPod is coming, but is there really a market for it anymore?

This would be a shame if Apple were to discontinue the iPod, as this was considered to be the moment when the company found their glory once again. The original iPod was like the first-gen iPhone, as they were both game changers. The iPod blew the competition out of the water, as did the iPhone. Apple could make a few improvements to the iPod and release it a little later than September, releasing it at the same time as the iPhone 5 or iOS 5 would be a huge mistake, and they know it.

The perfect time for the launch of the 2011 iPod would be in the build-up to the holiday season, but Black Friday would be better, with Apple offering one of their small incentives. This could be a great opportunity for Apple, but it is worrying to think that the iPod would need to be released in a time when we know that sales are inflated.

This is a completely different story to the iPhone 5, it will not need any glamor or gimmicks, no matter what time of the year it gets released it will sell in the tens of millions. Speaking of that release date, there is still much confusion over this. We recently said that an issue with the new processor could delay the launch of the fifth-generation iPhone until October.

However, CRAVE does not agree, and after looking at all the data believes that they now have a rough release date, and that would be September 17, 2011. The article was from June, and cannot believe that we missed it but felt that you needed to have a read, as the way that they came up with the date was very clever.

That date makes sense, and all these other dates, such as August or October does not add up. Every September Apple holds an event to launch new devices, last year it was a new iPod Touch and Apple TV. So it is the logical choice to use this event to launch their biggest product, the iPhone 5.



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