Apple (AAPL) shares undervalued, set to rocket

By Peter Chubb - Jul 18, 2011

The expected release of the new 2011 MacBook Air and Mac OS X Lion is certainly big news this week, but there is something going on a little bigger. Apple (AAPL) shares are said to be undervalued, as they have been mistakenly classed as a technology company. However, come tomorrow Apple stocks are set to rocket. You have to admire how they have been able to keep trading so healthy while we are still in this double-dip recession.

By midday on Monday shares were up by at least $6, or 1.7 percent, which works out at $371.06. We are just a day away from learning Apple’s Q2 earnings, and recent expectations is expected to be blown out of the water. To most, Apple is just a tech company, but because they offer much more than just devices such as the iMac, iPhone, MacBook etc things really do need to be changed.

The company also sells things like contracts and licenses that are a constant stream of income for them. Even those profits alone would be more than enough for a small company to live off for years. Not only that, but when you take in their App Store and iTunes into the equation it is then that you start to realize that Apple is more than just a Dell, Acer or and LG.

Fox Business explains that Apple is unique in the way that their customers are loyal to them – unlike they are with the likes of Dell or HP. Whenever you buy one of their computers you could turn it on and mistake them for any other brand. However, things are a little different with Apple, not only with the software but how each Apple device talks and needs each other.

All of them needs to have iTunes installed, as to gain access to their music library, as well as the fact that if you have an iPhone then you will need to use iTunes for setting up and syncing. Not only that, but sharing files, screens etc from an Apple device is simpler than it is with Windows; it is little things like this that has made Apple as popular as they are today.

We cannot say how many people we have heard from who say that they are fed up with Windows, but we do not ever remember hearing that someone is going back to Windows after using Apple. So you now know why Apple is doing so well, but can they keep the momentum up?

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  • Raskilinov

    While you make some valid points about the Apple brand, I think with the onset of Google + and integration opportunity with Android, we could see some slippage of Apple’s hold on the mobile handset market. Furthermore this integration could act as a portal/platform if you will, to access media away from the staple iTunes or Apple App store. 

    Still for a change like this to take hold, it will likely be a couple of years, hence Apple shares would certainly be a BUY rating for the immediate future of extension 1 – 1.5 years, to which I would recommend a re-evaluation of the market and Apple. Nonetheless the revenue they take from the iTunes are notable insomuch that often, they are a first port of call for buying music opposed to purchasing CDs from the local music store. The revenues garnered from iTunes and the App store to support the Apple brand is fairly robust as well. What worries me is the future of Apple, much as the OP listed their experience of users of Apple products, I wonder when users may experience a saturated experience of Apple products, similar as when Microsoft products took hold of the PC market pre 2000 and early previous decade. But as listed I’d also recommend a BUY rating to re-evaluate in 1-1.5 years down the line.