Did you leave Facebook for Google+?

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 17, 2011

The invite only model for Google+ isn’t for everyone, but those that got invited have been quickly building up people following them in “Circles”. At first we thought “here we go, Google’s attempt again at Facebook” only to be totally shocked at our findings. Google Plus may be invite only at this time, but the system is slicker and has small improvements like editing posts/comments and live updates, which we really wanted on Facebook.

Lots of work is still needed with Google+ but it’s a step in the right direction, and growing fast. The big problem is the number of friends on Facebook compared to Google+, and this is one of the biggest issues holding people back but where do you stand? Have you jumped ship fully, or do you still need an invite? (Daniel (at) product-reviews.net if that’s the case).

We wanted to run a poll to see where PR’s readers stand with Google+. Let us know below if you have moved to “Plus”, if you are using both, or maybe you’re waiting for some other improvement. Vote below. If you want to follow me on Google+, then you can put us in a circle here.

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