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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Does franchise need demos, new players say yes

In what is perhaps going to be perceived as expected news by Elder Scrolls fans, Bethesda has just confirmed that the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim title will not be receiving a demo release on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC.

Considering that Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion didn’t get a demo prior to its release, the fact that Bethesda are putting Skyrim in the same category shouldn’t be too much of a shock to you. However, Bethesda’s producer Craig Lafferty has confirmed the news in black and white during a recent interview with Gameplanet, stating that Skyrim is simply too big of a game to condense into a demo release.

While it’s obviously not impossible for the company to roll out a demo for the game, we imagine it’s pretty time consuming for them to release a demo, a factor which may end up affecting the November 11th release date for the game – and nobody wants to see that.

When asked if there would be a Skyrim demo or not, Lafferty blunted responded by saying that there definitely won’t be a demo, hinting that the demo size would be ‘gigantic’, probably resulting in at least 5-10GB of size if you were allowed to explore a bit of the Skyrim universe in the demo.

Personally speaking, we’re not too bothered about a demo release for Skyrim. A lot of gamers are used to the typical Elder Scrolls format now, and many will buy the game regardless of if there’s a demo or not. On the hand, gamers who are new to the franchise may argue that a demo is needed before forking out $60 for the game. Should Bethesda cater to all types of gamer or just stick to keeping their current fanbase happy? Our advice to you would be to pick up Oblivion which is available for next to nothing these days, as that would give you the perfect introduction to Skyrim since the two games will be similar in terms of environment scope and historical story background.

The video also mentions details about the game’s story mode, features and how dragons will play a part in the game, doubling up as mini boss characters and also playing a key part in the main campaign mode. These details may be slightly old to hardcore Elder Scrolls fans since this video interview was conducted at E3 2011 back in June, but it’s well worth checking out anyway for a refresh on the game.

Just a few months to wait until Skyrim is out folks – who’s excited, because we are for sure. Let us know your thoughts on the fact that there won’t be a demo for the game. Is it a huge issue or not?



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