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Update to Firefox 5.0.1 for Mac OS X Lion support

Anticipation for Mac OS X Lion release date is very high right now; this is due to rumors that the new version will be available today. We had assumed that it would have been at 1am GMT, but that time has been and gone. Anyway, we know that it will not be long, which is why Mozilla is pushing you to update to Firefox 5.0.1 for full support. The reason for this latest update was due to an issue, which could have seen the browser crash while running in Apple’s new OS.

We know that Firefox has never worked its best with Mac OS X, so we can only hope that this issue has now been solved. Having tried both Safari and Firefox, the former has the edge in performance, but much prefer the features on the latter. Having said that, I could go on for hours about the pros and cons of both products.

Anyway, back to the subject of the update, GMA News reports that last week Mozilla had learned of a bug that would cause the browser to crash in Lion, as well as a Java plugin issue with 10.6 update 5. Thankfully both issues have now been resolved. Could you imagine the pain that Firefox users would have endured, having spent hours getting their system ready (with these five easy steps) only to find that it would crash in Firefox?

Firefox 5.0.1 will be an out of cycle update, but is considered one of the most important, because if Mozilla had not launched it before the Lion release this would have been considered unwise, as it would have angered a number of its users.

Users of the current version of Mac OS X do not need to worry, as this is a non-issue for them. We also need to point out that this Firefox update does not affect any other OS. As for the next official Firefox update, version 6 is due on August 16 – 17, 2011.

Mac OS X Lion will offer a couple of firsts for Apple; the first is that the update will be made available for download via the Mac App Store. The second is its price, the upgrade will cost just $29.99 – how many new operating systems do you know that costs as little as that? This will be a huge test for the company; so will be interesting to see how many people take Apple up on this inviting offer.



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