Mac OS X Lion printer compatibility problems need to be avoided

By Jamie Pert - Jul 14, 2011

When Apple released Snow Leopard back in August 2009 we posted this brief article which confirmed that upon download and installation people noticed that their HP printers were no longer supported, today we are wondering whether something similar will happen this time round and whether consumers will accept this if it occurs.

Let’s start by saying that when such a substantial update is released there are bound to be some problems affecting a relatively small amount of users, this is exactly what happened with Snow Leopard and most people found that updating printer software and drivers resolved most issues, so this time round don’t worry too much if you printer no loner works after the update as it could be easily resolved.

We have no reason to believe that any printers will suffer problems, however given the fact that HP printers experienced problems last time round we thought that we would try and help you out with ideas for simple fixes rather than you rushing out to buy a new model.

Firstly you may find that if you printer no longer works after installation re-installation of the device may resolve issues, firstly delete the printer by going into System Preferences and then selecting “Print and Fax”, here you will be able to delete the printer, which means that you will be able to re-install it from scratch. Simply unplug the printer and then plug it back in (if USB), you may find that OS X Lion installs your printer automatically, however if it does not or perhaps you have a wireless printer you may want to install the printer using the disc which was provided with the printer. If you find that this either does not fix the printer or perhaps will not run on OS X Lion, don’t worry though as there may be a simple solution.

Many peripheral manufacturers will release new driver downloads and software which makes their existing devices compatible with newly released operating systems, however you must remember that this is not an obligation and it is up to the companies as to whether they do this. If your printer ends up being incompatible it may be worth downloading the latest drivers to try to resolve the issue, the following links will take you to the applicable company’s driver download page (simply enter or find your printer model and then attempt to download the latest drivers). Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

If you experience any problems with your peripherals after installing Mac OS X Lion let us know in the comments section below and our writers and readers will do our best to resolve the issue, it will also give us some insight as to which models are incompatible with the Apple’s latest OS X version.

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  • Paul Wagner

    Thank you *so* much for the suggestion to delete, un-USB-plug, re-plug, turn back on, and try the printer. For the first time in *years* my Canon printer actually PRINTS. It is a miracle. Much appreciated, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  • sue

    I have a konica milnota c220 bizhub printer which I use to scan documents to pdfs and then saved to my imac running 10.8.5. When trying to access the pdf I am unable to access as “I do not have permission to open the document “my file.pdf” Contact your computer or network administrator for assistance. Help
    The only way I can fix, is to go to the individual file via ‘get info’ and change the sharing & permissions for everyone to read only. Help

  • Sheila

    Oh, sorry. I have a MacBook Pro 10.7.5 trying to print to Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901.


  • Sheila

    Hi, having trouble getting photos centered on print. Any advice???? I’m puzzled.


  • Aly S

    epson xp-410 will not add to the print quene even CONNECTED WITH THE USB. So annoyed and need this printer for college. Brand new. Mac 10.8.4–PLEASE HELP.