Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be PlayStation 4 release instead

By Alan Ng - Jul 14, 2011

We have yet more twist and turns in the never-ending release saga involving Final Fantasy Versus XIII for now, and it’s possibly the most important news to date. Fresh reports are now suggesting that Square-Enix are having challenges with the game and it hasn’t even reached prototype stage yet.

We have already reported on director Tetsuya Nomura’s recent interview with Famitsu, but courtesy of tech site AndriaSang who usually provide us with trustyworthy translations, new details have emerged from him.

According to the site, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is yet to go into full production, despite being in development for six years, seemingly evident in the fact that gamers are yet to see any solid gameplay footage for Versus XIII – just what is going on down at Square-Enix HQ we wonder?

As we informed you earlier this week, Nomura also unveiled details on player-controlled cutscenes that will be featured in Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but the possible bombshell suggesting that the game isnt even in prototype stage is worrying to say the least – or is it?

If you look at Square-Enix’ upcoming schedule, you’ll probably be well aware that they are now focusing their efforts entirely on Final Fantasy XIII-2, despite stating that new information on Versus XIII would definitely be coming soon. It really makes you wonder if the game will actually come out at all, which brings us nicely onto our next insight.

Considering all the countless delays on the game so far and blatent confirmation that the development status on Final Fantasy Versus XIII is non-existant at the moment, is it really so farfetched to consider FFVXIII as a PlayStation 4 title instead of a PlayStation 3 game? It’s probably pretty accurate that the PS4 isn’t coming for another few years yet, but it’s clear that neither is Final Fantasy Versus XIII unfortunately.

A PlayStation 4 release wouldn’t be such a bad idea to some perhaps, it all depends on whether gamers would be satisfied seeing an ‘old-gen’ game on a next-gen games console. We say this, because based on screenshots already released for the game, it definitely looks like a title that is very much within the graphical capabilities of the PS3, rather than a title which has been maxed out to the limit.

Going back to the production issue regarding the game though, and correct us if we’re wrong on this one, but if it’s not even in prototype stage yet, does that mean they won’t have a playable version to show everyone at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September? That would be very disappointing for fans if that turns out to be true.

Give us your thoughts on this, both on the alarming production status on the game so far, and also the possibility of Final Fantasy Versus XIII appearing on the PlayStation 4 instead.

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  • Iab

    i bought a ps3 so i can play this damn game! there’s no point for it to be on ps4!

  • No Blagada

    It will be on ps3, no question about it. It’s part of a project (fabula nova crystallis) planned for this gen of consoles that would make no sense to put on ps4. FFXIII and FFXIII-2 are on PS3, number XIII is included in FFVXIII so FFVXIII is on PS3 as well. My thought is that if it’s not on ps3, it’s nowhere because the project began on PS3 so it must end on it forcefully, if not it’s OUT OF THE PROJECT.

  • Taci

    Plz be on ps3 thats the reason i bought it just for this game!!!

  • It is sad to see there has only been 1…yeah 1 release for Final Fantasy on this generation of systems. When the NES, SNES, PS1, and PS2 saw 3 or more. It is just saddening to see all these re-releases and lighter titles all over the place, but no solid Final Fantasy….and they wonder why I have not covered a single FF game on my website since Dissidia.

  • Okay I’m not gonna be happy if versus 13 comes out on PS4 like 13 was ok but it wasn’t good and i will not be buying the PS4 at launch.

  • More likely it’s being delayed due to a 360 port. FF9 released on PS1 after the PS2 already came out.

  • Not once did they say its not in “prototype”. I mean we’ve already seen gameplay trailers of this game. I’m sure we’ll see something at TGS. I’m sure Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be the main event. But I expect at least some sort of teaser to keep the hype going. Anyway it’s not coming to PS4. Square Enix is in need of money right now. Versus is the perfect game to regain fans trust in SE. Releasing it on PS3 makes a lot more sense since there’s 50 million out there. Heck I’d say a 360 port is more likely than it coming as a PS4 launch title.