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Call of Duty Elite: Invites rolling out, information on how to get one

It has been a long while since we last heard any official details surrounding the Call of Duty Elite program, but now we’re pleased to report that it looks as if the first batch of invites to the statistics service are now starting to roll out to those who registered their interest a few weeks ago.

It has been a long time coming it seems, but it has been confirmed that July 14, i.e today, is the date when Activision officially offer Elite to gamers for the first time. It won’t be available to everyone though, as testing will be available via invites, to those who signed up on the official website a while ago.

While you all frantically rush to check your inbox, you should be aware that today is not the only chance you’ll have to enter the beta for Call of Duty Elite, so don’t panic if you find out that you don’t have an invite sitting in your inbox. Word from Kotaku suggests that invites will be rolled out in waves, and the first wave rolling out today will only reach a select number of users.

Waves will continue to roll out thoughout the month so there will be plenty of opportunities to come. However, it looks like Activision will be giving priority to current Black Ops players, and the beta will let you try out some of the features of Elite which are directly tied into Black Ops. The real features of Elite though will come when Modern Warfare 3 is released this November, so this is a perfect opportunity to get the very first look at Elite before anyone else.

It’s likely that Elite will go head-to-head with EA’s Battlelog service in the bragging rights, but don’t forget that Actvision will be asking for a subscription fee to the service, while EA appears to be keeping Battlelog free for all users. If you have been lucky enough to already receive your invite into Elite, let us know your first impressions of it.

Is Call of Duty Elite something you don’t mind paying for as you look for the premium Modern Warfare 3 service, or do you think it’s an unnecessary service which Activision definitely shouldn’t be charging for? We’re eager to get our hands on Elite as well, so we’ll be writing up our own impressions of the service as soon as we can, so look out for that.

Did you receive an invite into Call of Duty Elite?



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