17 EA Servers going offline, list of games affected

By Jamie Pert - Jul 14, 2011

EA recently confirmed that they would be pulling the plug on 17 servers which will result in certain games no-longer being playable online, however they did clearly state that this will affect less than 1% of all peak online players across all EA games.

On August 11 the following games will no longer be available to play online: Army of Two (PS3, Xbox 360), Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and its demo (Xbox 360), Medal of Honor Airborne (PSP), Medal of Honor Heroes 2 (PSP, Wii), NCAA Basketball 10 (PS3, Xbox 360), NCAA Football 10 (PS3, Xbox 360), Need for Speed Most Wanted (PC, Xbox 360), Need for Speed Undercover (PSP), Skate (PS3, Xbox 360) and Tiger Woods 10 (PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii). On this date the following demos will also no-longer be playable online Army of Two (Xbox 360), Battlefield 2142 (PC) and Tiger Woods 11 (PS3, Xbox 360), finally North Americans will no longer how to play NASCAR 09 on the PSN or Xbox Live.

We can also reveal that on October 1 both Madden NFL 10 and NHL 10 will no longer be playable online for both Xbox 360 or PS3, as with the games mentioned in the last paragraph you will be able to play single player modes, however all online features will be unavailable, let’s hope that you no-longer play any of the aforementioned titles.

Many people will undoubtedly be disappointed by this news, however as EA has previously stated there are very few active players of the games. Titles such as Medal of Honor Airborne, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 and Skate arrived back in 2007, whilst Battlefield 2: Modern Combat hit the Xbox 360 in early 2006, this means that EA gives games roughly 4 to 5 years in terms of online service, do you think that this is acceptable? Do you think that when games are released developers / published should state how long servers will be kept online for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

So what EA titles can we expect to be going offline in 2012? It all depends on active gamers, but games which arrived in 2008 which could be in danger include Burnout Paradise, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Dead Space, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, Need for Speed Undercover (platforms other than the PSP), UEFA Euro 2008, and all of their ’09 sports titles. Which of these titles do you want EA to keep online?

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  • EAsucksDICK

    never buying ea games again spread word of the cheapos

  • jdog

    heres my opinon they are bad

  • jdog


  • Har665

    I’m sure it has a lot less to do with how many ppl play the game and more to do with weather ea can make enough profit supporting the game. It’s a con but that’s business. I think they have an obligation to provide knowledge of how long a game will be playable before purchase, or they should have to buy back the game that they charged you for that you can’t play the way you should be able to.

  • yragcom1

    Ask me if I’ll buy another EA game again. Go on, ask me…

  • Dylanvx11

    Thats so unfaie some people actuall like playing command and conquer online with their friends thike me dylanvx11 and my best m8 NLG-Aaron.

  • Camachooscar71

    I think that need for speed undercover (psp) should go back online I know several people on Facebook and myspae who would like to still play this game online and challenge other gamers but it is not possible for them including myself please EA put need for speed undercover(psp) back online

  • Unhappy

    I find it hard to believe that some of those games mentioned above are bearly 2-3 years old and yet are being discontinued online! Yes it amonts to shear profiteering and a bloody good con, to con us out of money for such a short period of time. Yes the games company should state how long the online service will be available for as this will be a deciding factor for many people. I now will think twice about buying an online based game.

  • Kingboat

    It is incredulous to discontinue on line service for multiplayer software.  This is nothing but pure unadulturated  profiteering a sign of the times….to hell with customer service.