Sir George Gilbert Scott: Google Doodle for British hero

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 13, 2011

When you reach 200-years-old will the world remember you? The answer will likely be no, unless you do something exceptional with your life that has a lasting hold on the world or changes lives for years to come. If you do something great and Google is still around after you’re gone, then just maybe you’ll get a Google Doodle in your name.

Today Sir George Gilbert Scott is getting just that, in the last hour we’ve seen a new Google Doodle go live, which follows an anniversary for St. Basil’s Cathedral just 24 hours earlier. Sir George Gilbert Scott is known as one of Britain’s hero’s that never got the attention he deserved, especially when it came to British architecture. This article, published a couple of days ago, has taken a look at the restoration of St Pancras, and how Scott handled buildings. His structural knowledge set him above others in his field, and the respect and care that went into his work is why Google remembers him today.

The English architect was known for his renovation and building of workhouses, cathedrals, and churches during the Victorian Age in Great Britain. You can read about his pupils, career, life, and public buildings in this article.

Google’s Doodle is simple yet effective, while it’s not the interactive kind that is favored since the musical Doodle’s we’ve seen of late, the simple building in the picture says it all. You can get more insight into the Doodle’s produced this year and every year in Google’s archives that can be found here. Those of you that want to know a little more about how the Google Doodle’s started should read this post, which explains how it all started in 1998 and how many there have been since this time. You can also submit your Doodle ideas via the above page.

What do you think of today’s Google Doodle? Has there been an event missed, which you think should have been covered by Google?

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  • It’s great to see a great man getting the recognition he deserves, and in such an innovative way. Lovely article, thank you! 🙂
    (Though for a completely professional gloss you should be careful not to mix your plurals with your possessive cases – ie, don’t put apostrophes in things that should be pluralised like ‘heroes’ and ‘Doodles’).

    • Anonymous

      I’d just like to endorse this. The celebration of people, places, things and ideas significant to world culture in this way is to be applauded. It’s therefore all the more a pity that the kind of inaccuracy,noted by sdelbatet, should pass unnoticed here. The quality of Google branded products is regarded by very many people as a bench mark for others in the same field: it’s a shame if slips occur with basic English. This kind of thing is not just pedantry – the use of the apostrophe changes the meaning of what is being said. If apostrophes are redundant then so is the language’s capacity to be clear in these matters.