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New MacBook Air to release shortly and may have backlit keyboard

Apple is gearing up for the launch of Mac OS X Lion, and we have already told you what your five steps should be before upgrading to the new operating system. It is thought once the software has been released to the public, Apple would then release its refreshed range of MacBook Airs. The company has reportedly been holding the refresh back until Lion OS X was ready. Now we have news that the new MacBook Air is to release shortly, and may have backlit keyboards.

The feature of backlit keyboards was removed from the MacBook Air in the last model refresh late last year, but according to AppleInsider the company is going to reinstate the feature. Sources are claiming that the backlit keyboards are just part of the hardware upgrades for the new Air.

As reported before the ultra-thin laptop is set to receive Thunderbolt ports and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. It has also been claimed the device could be having high speed 400MBps flash memory. Many users were disappointed when Apple removed the backlit keyboard feature from the MacBook Air, especially as all the previous versions had it as a standard feature.

It was never made clear why Apple decided to ditch the backlighting, as it’s not an expensive option. The refresh is now believed to be happening the week of July 21st. As we reported before it was thought that Apple’s new Mac operating system could be launching this week, but now rumors have surfaced saying it was delayed because of last minute security issues.

This coming Friday has still been spoken about by some as a release time for Lion, but Apple has only just started to allow applications for the software to be submitted. So this time frame is a little bit ambitious to say the least. The company would want to get a good stock of applications ready and available for when the new operating system is finally released to the public.

But in the past Friday has been one of Apple’s favorite days for releasing major OS X upgrades. The current range of MacBook Airs has been a huge success since they were released back in October of last year. Consumers have embraced the Air which led it to be one of the most successful Apple Mac product launches ever.

Some analysts even think the new MacBook Air range will boost Apple’s sales by fifty percent with sales of 1.5 million per quarter. We recently asked out readers which features they would like to see on the MacBook Air refresh, and backlit keyboards were a popular choice.

Do you hope backlit keyboards come back to the MacBook Air?



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