Marvel Vs Capcom 3: New DLC needed to compete with Mortal Kombat

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2011

While all the talk at the moment seems to be about NetherRealm Studios and the fantastic job they have done with rebooting the Mortal Kombat franchise, the other 2011 fighting game that everyone seems to have forgotten about is Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

It has been a while since gamers had any new DLC for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 to enjoy, so what has happened? It seems like a wrong stance for Capcom to take with the game, especially with the release of Mortal Kombat now fresh in everyone’s minds.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was very popular around the time of it’s release, but things have definitely died down since then and we’re interested to know how many of you still play the game now ahead of Mortal Kombat which is arguably the better game. We won’t go into that debate since it’s obviously a matter of opinion, but we do have to say that NetherRealm Studios seem far more active than Capcom in terms of DLC releases, plus you have to take into consideration the constant updates on the game that MK co-creator Ed Boon is offering to fans via his Twitter account everyday.

With this in mind, we want to know what DLC is needed for Marvel Vs Capcom 3 in order for it to return to the limelight throughout the rest of the year. MvC3 Vs MK9 was meant to be one of the highly anticipated showdowns of 2011, but it looks to us like it’s a one horse race at the moment with Mortal Kombat definitely miles ahead of Capcom’s game.

What characters or add-on content would you like to see added to the game? It’s pretty disappointing that the only downloadable characters for the game so far have been Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. Capcom could have made things much more exciting for owners if they had gone down the route of releasing one new character per month for example – but it hasn’t happened. Is it a case of laziness, or are they just biding their time with the current crop of characters?

We would have liked to see more characters for sure – Venom, Daredevil, Charlie and Bison are a few of my picks but I’m sure you have better ideas. Players would rush to buy them at say $3-5 a pop and the more important factor here is that these DLC releases would help to keep the game nice and fresh, and competitive with Mortal Kombat. Instead Capcom has decided to sit back and let the game stagnate for a while, and we think this is the wrong move from a gamers perspective.

What are your thoughts on this? Any die-hard MvC3 players in the house agree with us that DLC releases should be more consistent for the game? It will be interesting to see what happens at ComicCon, as a update for the game is almost certain to happen during the event.

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  • Im absolutely pissed that I haven’t seen or heard anything from Capcom besides Jill and Shuma.  That is if you don’t count the shadow battles or events, which I’m not. I personally want to see more characters and costumes. That is going to lengthen this games lifespan. I am sadly enjoying mortal kombat more than mvc3 because of this.

    The characters I want to see if they ever release new dlc, are Frank West, Gambit, Carnage, Phoenix Wright, Leon Kennedy, Guile, Iron Fist, Cammy. and I can’t think of any more, so I’ll stop lol.

  • Mortal Kombat crushes MvC3. Was this REALLY a surprise to ANYONE? It’s amazing to me that Street Fighter’s survived as long as it has. Capcom’s fighting series’ suck, plain and simple. Street Fighter and MvC are basically for children.


      MK9 received five (5) entrants this past weekend at a Box Arena Tournament in San Diego, while those games for “children” received 60+. Five entrants. And it generally has had to lowest turnout at every major tournament except for the short three-week period after it’s release. Competitively, like every single Mortal Kombat game before it (except for UMK3), the game is a joke. 

      You literally “dial-a-combo,” which you have no idea whether or not it will hit unless you are going for a punish. Go watch a teamsp00ky stream, competitive MK9 is not hype at all. You have good players trying their best at a shitty game, and most of the time it is traditionally-street fighter players winning these Mortal Kombat tournaments.

       And to do a god damn button check you have to go to the main menu and create a pre-select… WTF. This game and Nether Realms caters to casuals with fan-service and as a result MK9 is about as much of a fighting game as Smash Brothers Brawl. They claimed to take competitive insight into account… I just don’t see it besides the breaker system. And x-rays as a result of the breaker system are a joke. You get to use x-ray maybe one in every 20 matches because it is just too important to keep a breaker, and breakers for whatever reason cost two bars in a game that rewards dialing up combos. Seriously, what a joke. Mortal Kombat as a series might be only marginally better than Dead or Alive, aka as simple as a fighting game can get while still getting called a fighting game by a third of the fighting game community.

      They had a HUGE audience but dropped the ball while smaller companies made true gems of fighting games like Arcana Hearts 3 only to be ignored.

      • Anonymous

        WHAT, Okay how could you even fix your brain to fathom a thought like MK sucks. First, if you cant remember a MK combo then get off the sticks… Really… I agree with Michael, however I enjoy both franchises, they have their own strengths. Obviously your one of those grab the controller, push any button type gamers. Traditionally a combo is dialed in, it never became a direction and one button combo and/or until Virtual Fighter, or do you even have that history under your belt. Make sense to me to dail in a combo for accuracy let alone land it as well.. Yeah combined combo are nice but to disregard a traditional style of play with MK is bogus. You seem to want the same fighting style and controls for every fighting game, which is basically the way it has became. MK is basically the only game that has there combos in a dial in fashion which to me shows better detail when landing them especially with the newer version in 1080P. MK has enough fans and its own ground breaking history that no other Game was able achieve to sit and worry or care for audience rating. Sure enough thats the business and there has to be attention to it, but, MK has fans of all ages, all Nether Realms has to do is keep things in this technology time with the game and I am sure they will do well. In addition, there is no other fighter game ever created with the history and real story line as MK. There may be a few that can hang with it but as detailed as MK for anyone to follow will be hard to match. More in addition, MK was also one of the first if not the first 2D fighting game to do away with holding back to block. They created a button for block which defines more strategy when playing. I can go on and on, or even back and forth all day comparing, but thats no reason, I am sure your a fan of what you like. But just to all out “Diss” Mortal Kombat you must be a rookie gamer. Drop the sticks and go back to your ABC fighter games where it gets to busy to even know what the hell is going on. Either way, I play them all, enjoy all types of fighter games, and I don’t mind picking up a new way to play any day than having them play all the same. Try to master other ways not just one.

        • greatest fighting game series best to worst (my opinion)
          Smash Bros
          Marvel vs Capcom
          Soul Calibur
          Mortal Kombat
          Street Fighter
          Clayfighter (lol)

    • anthony apduhan

      You’re correct “about the game for children here” but my real reason is…since there is no Frank West or Megaman (any incarnation) around! Mortal Kombat 9 dominates Marvel vs Capcom 3 even the ultimate version

  • To be fair, Capcom has to get everything they do approved by Marvel, not to mention the fact the team was hit hard by the disaster in Japan. MK9 has it easier since they’re a western company that’s doing their own thing.

  • To be fair, Capcom has to get everything they do approved by Marvel, not to mention the fact the team was hit hard by the disaster in Japan. MK9 has it easier since they’re a western company that’s doing their own thing.

  • Anonymous

    They do not need to be focusing on any new releases as far as a “Super MvC3”. I don’t see the logic behind hyping gamers up about a game that was far awaited to play (over 10 years). Giving us this story of all the DLC that will be coming after its release which most gamers care more for “characters” not stages, especially when MvC 2 had a very deep roster. Capcom basically lead us to believe that they would be on top of DLC’s yet to release the game with characters no one really was looking for. When you have a earlier roster of more known characters via either Marvel or Camcom related, then release a newer game that has characters that could have basically been DLC’s, I think is bad business. I’m sure most gamers will have been very pleased and satisfied if they would have release the same MvC 2 roster in MvC 3. Just by being able to play it in HiDef 1080p would have been great. Obviously Capcom had no trouble sitting at the big round table to discuss cost of the game, which I myself now feel robbed. Not only was I awaiting the return of a popular verses game, MK announced its reboot where it has its on deep roster of characters and its not a verses game, (thumbs down to MKvDCU). MK reboot, alone with the rational behind the method of combining MK 1-3 as a more satisfying release with a great story line for even new fans to follow, gears me to believe the people at NetherRealm Studios concentrated on their older fans and to gain new fans as well. Their round table discussion seem to be more like, (if were going make gamers pay high dollars for a game lets at least give them what they want and even more). DLC’s I would say, is a game developers dream come true. In the past you either had to unlock new characters or possibly there was an option to create your own, but that is only base off how big the developed space was for that game. If not that, you would have to await another release just to see other characters where now you basically have a game that gets dusty compared to the new one you purchase based off the deeper roster of added characters and materials. These days thats not the case. Being able to purchase a console with hard drive head room and purchase a game only once based off the size and specs should help developers not have to created this atmosphere over and over off of older content but yet just add to the content making it just as fresh with DLC’s. This could not be the same for all games and DLC’s but as for fighter and verses games this is probably the best thing that a gamer could ask for, being able to down load a new character other than unlocking. Gamers that play fighter games are more concern about adding a new character than customs and all the other trash MvC 3 has released. Regardless of what anyone says, gamers will purchase new characters, I am one of them that will. As long as there is room to add a new character, I’m GAME.

  • i agree but they are prob saving for their super mvc 3 release i just hope it isnt mega man ( anyversion) or pheonix wright