Invite for Google Plus: Demand creates marketing ideas

On June 28, 2011 Google launched what they believe to be their best chance to finally break the world of social networking. You will know by now that the company has not had a very good success rate, but those of you who have received an invite for Google Plus will know that the search engine giant finally has the tools to compete in this market. There now seems to be a huge demand for Google+ and we find it interesting that this demand creates marketing ideas as well.

There have been a lot of spam doing the rounds that show you how to get a Google+ invitation, but none of them work. However, there is a way to get what is said to be one of the best social networking services, and Computerworld has been explaining how. The first thing that can be done to insure an invite is to send an email to, and you make certain that you give your Twitter and Facebook username details.

Also you should help to share the love by hitting the Twitter or Facebook buttons on the source article. Richi Jennings points out that he only has a limited number of invitations on any given day, so you cannot hang around. If you did not make it today, then there is a good chance that you will get your invite tomorrow or the next day.

This is no spam, so you do not have any worries about your details being shared around, as they are fully protected. So there you have it, one of the easiest ways to get a Google+ invite. We mentioned about a marketing idea, and you should now know what we mean. Computerworld has thought up this marketing idea, although we are sure there are many sites trying to do something like they are. The real question is: should these claims of invites be believed, as we can clearly see in some of the comments that it’s not real?

To get an invite to Google+ you need to be over 18, the first day was proof that Google were on to a winner, as there was such high demand that they had to temporally suspend the service. What makes this latest social media service different to the others available is how it will integrate itself with other services, such as Google +1, Profiles and Circles.

Google finally has the tools to take on the might that is Facebook, and one thing we do know; it is going to be a long drawn-out battle.



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