Getting the timing right for PlayStation 4 release

By Gary Johnson - Jul 10, 2011

Much has been made recently about the ten year life cycle of the PlayStation 3, and how soon it will be before Sony announces its successor. There have been some reports recently suggesting that Sony could bring out the PS4 as early as next year, which has led to some Sony fans getting excited. But it will be about Sony getting the timing right for the PlayStation 4 release.

An article over at SlashGear by Don Reisinger is suggesting that Sony should launch the next gen console as soon as possible. This is because of the reaction of a new console by some Sony fans, and the fact the PS3 is not doing so well in the US. The PlayStation Move hasn’t really caught gamer’s imagination in the same way as the Microsoft Kinect.

Microsoft’s offering with controller-free gaming is growing in popularity as better titles are becoming available for it. But if Sony where to bring out the PS4 it will divert away all the talk about the company’s recent troubles. There are still a lot of users still upset with the problems that recently affected the PlayStation Network, but if Sony were to release a great new console this will create a new buzz.

If they could time the release of a new console to coincide with the launch of the Nintendo Wii U, it may stop gamers switching over to the new Nintendo console. Sony will also have to worry about what Microsoft are planning as well, with the current generation of consoles Sony were beaten to market by the Xbox 360 and wouldn’t want to miss out again.

Trouble is there are a lot of PlayStation 3 owners who may have only recently signed up to the PS3 experience, and then to just see its replacement released won’t be too pleased. Even though the PS3 has more features than the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s console is still out in front when it comes to sales.

When the recent rumors surfaced of a new Sony PlayStation console the company didn’t exactly come out and shoot them down. They have said in the past that money spent on developing the new console won’t be as high as the PS3. But technology moves on all the time in most areas and we are always seeing better and faster processors being released.

In a way it does make sense for Sony to release a new console next year and be first to the table, but they could always be waiting to see what its rivals do with their next gen consoles before showing their hand.

Would you like to see the PlayStation 4 released next year?

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  • Anonymous

    I just don’t see the “next-gen” thing. Why would either Sony or MS take the risk? It’s no good pointing a P.C. graphics and saying that consoles are behind. A; that will always be the case and B; consoles must rely on a T.V. for display. The market for HD is no where near saturation so resolutions are not going to change anytime soon. For graphics, the rest is moot. The difference between this gen and any new consoles coming soon cannot be that great, sure better textures, anti-aliasing and particle effects, but so what? Most gamers, yes including so-called “core gamers”, don’t know when they are playing 720p rather than 1080p, so are they really going to be that concerned by a bit more detail?

    Okay, there are more things than graphics, but the PS3 has been beating out the Xbox on processing power for years and the Xbox is doing alright. I’m not convinced that there will be a “next-gen” soon, maybe updates of existing machines, which would make sense, but no “giant leaps” in processing power.

  • no.

  • Anonymous

    well i think ms and sony should release a console in the next year cause games like bf3 are pushing the consoles to their limit and the pc is getting a lot better graphics…

  • the only thing that really gets on my nerves about this whole “10 year life cycle”, is that if you look at the PS2, it has had a massive life cycle, even when coexisting with the PS3. who is to say sony won’t use this same strategy with the PS4?? they haven’t given any indication, whatsoever as to when we may see the PS4. admittedly, i can see this console generation being one of the longest in tooth, but i do understand that both microsoft and sony will wan’t to beat each other to market in order to get a foot in the door. my guess is that we may very well see something at E3 either in 2013 or 2014 with a US/JAP holiday launch date that year. i would be VERY surprised to see anything other than rumor and speculation until then.