Mortal Kombat 10: New characters wishlist and features to improve on

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2011

We have some huge news for Mortal Kombat fans now, as it looks like we have just had a semi-official confirmation from NetherRealm Studios that work on a brand new Mortal Kombat game is already in development.

You would expect news of this magnitude to come via a leaked source or similar avenues, but this isn’t the case here as the information has actually come straight from Ed Boon’s Twitter account, the co-creator of the franchise himself.

As we mentioned in a previous article referring to new DLC in the form of female warrior Tanya, Ed Boon has become known for being very interactive when it comes to answering questions from the MK universe. When answering a question related to story mode cutscenes for the DLC characters released so far, here is what Ed had to say:

”Possible? Yes. Probable? No. Story guys working on next game.”

It doesn’t get more concrete than that folks – a confirmation from the creator himself that story mode is already being worked on for a follow-up Mortal Kombat title. We think it’s fantastic news since this new Mortal Kombat game has breathed a welcome breath of fresh air after recent disappointing titles failed to deliver.

Obviously it’s going to be some while until the next Mortal Kombat game is out, since the team are still working hard on adding DLC to the current game, and long may it continue. Players have just received Kenshi, and with Rain and possibly Tanya on the way, it’s going to keep the game fresh for months. Don’t forget that NetherRealm Studios are also giving two free skins away with every DLC release, so that’s another reason we love the game so much – Classic Smoke and Noob Saibot in their original form look fantastic.

The next game probably won’t be out until 2013 in our eyes, but we’re hoping that Ed Boon drops some more hints on the game soon. We would like to see a new revamped online mode for starters, as that’s the one area of MK9 which is worthy of criticism in our opinion. Keep the same amount of characters, although we would like to see some new characters created from the ground up for the new game – maybe even some warriors which have relations to existing fighters as that would make the story mode in MK10 much more interesting for the gamer.

Now that you know that Mortal Kombat 10 is definitely on the way, what ideas do you have for the game? What areas of Mortal Kombat 9 need to be improved on in your opinion?

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  • kenny

    put all characters in make it to where you can create you’r own character creat you’r own factalities. factalities animals stage babyalities and brutallitys keep the chalange tower and the story mode on the creating you’r character let you choose you’re moves to and keep the thing to where you can see the damage all the characters have taken

  • They should cut down on the combos also let the costume you pick deside you powers and finishers . Keep the god of war and give him the reverse get over here move and add him to the story line everyone who died in MK 9 should not be in 10 the should come back MK 13 in the rise of the neither realm as zombies ,fighting for the chance to win their souls it will make the story line make more since. And add all big bosses to the ladder, tag and 1 on 1 fight scene .

  • Please Make Pinhead from hellraiser a character!!!

  • reptilerulz123

    oh and i wanted to send hate mail to ed boon because of this its not like sub-zero wasnt in every single one of them he was how can you kill him off oh and if reptile was killed in this i would throw this game out no offense to people who love this game but i really hope it was a what if game cause if sub-zeros really dead im gonna be pissed

  • reptilerulz123

    i dont mean to complain but if mk9 and this sequel arnt what if games well guess what peoples we just lost sub-zero smoke kabal kitana nightwolf striker jax and lui kang to the storyline of the game and dont say they will come back because they dont die when they are killed in arcade or ladder endings but when the storyline of the game takes there lives then there gone for good

  • Jason Voorhees should be a character since they have Freddy 😀

    • digital9

      yea,i thought they were gonna add him later in mk9 ?

  • Rory

    They should put Pin Head and Ash in the next game. The game is based with the nethereal. Why not put Ash in it he can kick all the evil deads ass.

  • Gibbykgo 5881potato

    they should make a second version of the new one. with all the characters from mk9 including dlcs but add ones also and have the story line be mk4, dadly alliace and deception. and bring back friendships and animalitys and keep the babealites and current fatalites and x-rays. and add more horror characters like all of them

    • Gibbykgo 5881potato

      and make bosses playble as well as addng hara kiris

  • Congonewild101

    ok they should like they did freddy on the last one, put him, jason, michael meyers, leatherface, all the big horror movie icons in a mortal kombat game that would be sweet

    • Gibbykgo 5881potato

      he makes a pont instead of dc this time do something like mk vs horror

    • Digital9

      i agree

  • blade12385

    they should add friendship as a finisher

  • Monica

    Taja & Siro? Never thought about them but now I think it’s a great idea. In MK10 I would add Tremor, Hornbuckle, Vorpax as playable fighters too. Also, I need new interesting storyline, some new characters

  • Irinaparker2

    I hope MK 10 will be released in late 2012. I think it’s quite possible. It would be great to see Tanya, Reiko, Kai, Sareena, Taven again. Also, I can’t imagine MK without Liu Kang, Kabal, Sonya, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Mileena, Stryker, Sub-Zero, Shao Khan, Kung Lao, Jade. Some of them died in MK 9 but it’s Mortal Kombat – no one really dies!
    Also, I would like to see some new characters. What about Taja and Siro from MK Conquest?