Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Console or PC version – Inevitable debate

By Alan Ng - Jul 9, 2011

With Elder Scrolls V Skyrim now approaching on the horizon, gamers can now start to really get excited about the upcoming launch regardless of if you’re planning to pick up a PC version or console version.

But while many of you will naturally agree that the PC version of the game will look the most impressive from a graphics point of view, it will be interesting to see just how close Bethesda has managed to get the console versions running in comparison.

The early signs are good though, as although Bethesda began to unveil PC footage of the game to start with, we have already seen the Xbox 360 version of the game in action and we’re pleased to say it looks pretty stunning.

It looks like only die hard purists of the Elder Scrolls franchise will be able to tell the differences apart from all three versions as Bethesda look to make the graphics similar on all three builds. However, it isn’t exactly good news for those of you who were commited to picking up the PC version from day one, as it means that Bethesda has seemingly tweaked the PC version to allow it to be visually comparable to the Xbox 360 and PS3 builds of the game.

Here is a quote from design director Todd Howard that we’ve picked out in relation to the graphics featured in all three versions, as taken from Bad Cartridge:

“We are working at pop-up issues, and we want to make sure that the graphics of the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 are alike. All three will look just as good, aside from the higher resolution and the anti-aliasing of the PC of course.”

As you can see, it’s a catch 22 situation for Bethesda, as they will want to please Xbox 360 and PS3 owners by making a game that looks on par with the PC version. On the plus side for PC players, you will get to enjoy a higher resolution and also anti-aliasing which will make your version of the game slighty better on paper.

Considering the changes are not that minor, we don’t see this affecting all platform sales of the game. Console users will still buy either the Xbox 360 or PS3 version, and those with a high end PC rig can enjoy Skyrim with a higher resolution. We’re itching to bring you some comparison gameplay videos between the three platforms, so we’ll bring you those as soon as we have them.

Which version of the game will you be picking up this November and why?

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