Will Nintendo struggle with Wii U hardware sales?

By Alan Ng - Jul 7, 2011

Despite the fact that consumers will have to wait a long period of time for the Nintendo Wii U console to release, there seems to be a feeling in the air that Nintendo’s upcoming device may fail in the market before it even has a chance to become successful.

This feeling may be solely due to Nintendo’s far from perfect unveiling of the console at E3, or it may just be because consumers haven’t really taken to the whole concept of gaming using the Wii U touchscreen controller.

With this in mind, Nintendo are naturally keen to change that consumer perception, and their Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime has recently come out and stated that he doesnt not think that the Wii U will become a device that is ‘hard to sell’.

Below is a quote from him during a recent interview with Forbes, as reported from VG247:

“I don’t think it’s going to be a hard sell. I think that communicating to consumers through the magic of the second window, you can have a totally unique experience, with another player still in the room… I don’t think it’s a difficult sell.”

That second window he is referring to of course is the innovative touchscreen controller, i.e the one aspect of the new console which will ultimately decide if the Wii U will be successful or not. The company changed the industry with the Wii and their motion controls, but will they manage to do it again with the Wii U?

Some of you may be thinking that this is one gimmick too far, and the ability to play games on a touchscreen controller just isn’t needed in the next generation console market. However, on the other hand there are many consumers who are welcome to change and Nintendo’s idea of instant game switching from the TV to the controller is an idea that you’re willing to experience the moment the Wii U releases sometime in 2012.

While it’s obvious the Wii U will always receive elements of criticism based on it’s unique features and the package it brings to the table, we have a feeling that Nintendo will still overcome this and the Wii U will end up in the majority of every household around the world. We don’t think it will sell more than the original Wii, but don’t be surprised if the Wii U still tops hardware charts when Microsoft and Sony unleash their next generation consoles onto the market.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe Nintendo will struggle to shift units of the Wii U, or do you believe it will sell like hot cakes like the original Wii. We await the release with anticipation regardless.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree that the “unveiling” left a lot to be desired, they should have shown the console first and talked about it playing Wii games and supporting all the Wii controllers, then introduced the “new controller”, but not as THE new controller, as a second screen – with controls.

    I seriously doubt they will have problems selling the Wii U. Fanboys alone will ensure significant sales at launch. Add to this the fact that porting to this machine seems to be little more than a formality and there should be more than enough third party support to guarantee a steady supply of varied high quality games for the more demanding.

    Then add in the family buyers, parents, who want a console that will play what everyone wants, from Mario to Rage, motion/party games and the kind of puzzlers that are popular on the DS. This along with the ability of the controller to allow game playing while someone else is watching T.V., not to mention video calls or the popularity and familiarity of tablet like devices, and this thing seems to have a pretty good shot at big sales. Maybe not to the same scale as the Wii, but if Nintendo can get the price-point right, I can’t see it failing.